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  1. adjusterjack, that is what I meant (if that's what it takes to get pg1067 to understand). And, yes, that's the way it works and that is what needs to be changed. At fault drivers and their insurers should pay full price. No discount. Had I not had full coverage, I would have had to buy a replacement without the benefit of a trade-in. Or, if I opted to keep the car, I would have received less and be stuck with a car with a salvage title. Getting full value(plus tax, tag, and title costs) for my car worked in my favor this time because the car was still road worthy and I had some leverage when I negotiated with the dealer.
  2. I had full coverage on my vehicle. I was offered approximately the same money from my insurer and the other insurance company. The difference was that the other insurer wanted to total the car and take it from me. They would then sell it at auction or salvage it which effectively gives them a discount on their cost. I took the check from my insurer which was for the cost of repairs and traded the car for a newer model. I got the dealer to eliminate the dealer fee and give me one drive-it-away price. The bottom line was very very nice and the check plus the trade-in offset my cost considerably. Now all that is left is the return of my deductible once the subrogation process has been completed. The at-fault insurer shouldn't get a discount on their liabilities. That is a flaw in the law that needs to be corrected.
  3. I was hit in the back by a careless driver and my car was totaled. Their insurance company offered me the actual cash value plus tax and registration as a settlement for property damage. I haven't accepted their check as yet. When I shop for another used car, reputable dealers all seem to want "dealer fee" in addition to the price of the vehicle. Can I recover the actual dealer fee from the insurance company as well?
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