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  1. This seems to be the general consensus, but can't a guilty plea can be withdrawn, or reversed, if it is found that the officer lied about the scenario completely? I'm not looking for financial compensation, only justice.. This officer needs to be removed from his position of power if he is continuously ruining innocent peoples lives!! The system is already rigged bad enough against blacks, lower class whites, and other minorities. They don't need a lying officers help!! The worse thing is, I guess nothing will be done about him, because everyone here enters a guilty plea before trial.. I think anyone would plead guilty to a charge they're innocent of, if they were faced with the same decision of, sign a guilty plea and leave today, after a month or two (two weeks in my case).. Or maintain innocence, stay in jail for up to three years, go to trial, get found not guilty and be released!! You still did 2-3 years in jail? There has to be something that can be done!?!? Especially considering I can 100% prove it's all a lie!!
  2. Ok, so basically I pled guilty to charges I was innocent of, because it was the only way to be released right then.. Here's the story, I moved to Ashland Kentucky about three and a half years ago because my then-girlfriend was from here.. I found a great job and after about a year I realized she and I were not compatible so I tried to leave, she threatened to send police to my work. (I had a warrant out of my hometown, and she knew this). I love my job and didn't want to lose it, or go to jail, so I stayed, but I started sleeping on the couch and pretty much quit communicating with her. Finally she had enough and after last Christmas. We decided together that I would move out on March 1st. When I got off, on February28th, showed up in a van that I bought,and started packing my stuff, she turned psycho!! She couldn't believe I was leaving yada,yada. I just kept packing my clothes. ( I let her keep everything in the house that I bought) then she hit me with something and busted my eye wide open, so, I slammed her hard to make her stop and that's when she called the police. I ran, but I had nowhere to go so I went to one of my installers Apartments. When I got there I could tell they were high and there were syringes laying on the dresser. Like 15-20. I asked him if I could stay the night there because my apartment wouldn't be ready until the morning and I had nowhere to go? I let them know that I thought the police were looking for me. They let me stay and after a few minutes the guy who's place it was went to the store.. A few minutes later his girlfriend freaks out and says blue lights are outside! I look out the window and they have the guy stopped by the door. They start banging on the door and the girl runs to the bathroom and says she isn't answering the door because she has warrants, So I open the door, and immediately the officer asked me if I have an ID. I step outside close the door behind myself and tell the officer that I don't have an ID. At which he replies turn around Mr Kirby you're under arrest. They cuff me and put me in a cruiser, and I see the guy (my installer) unlock the door and let the officers into the apartment.. A short time later they bring the girl out. They take me to the jail and start booking me, and that's when I find out that I've been arrested for not only the warrants out of Daviess County, but they charge me for possession of methamphetamine, possession of heroin, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia for 3 syringes.!! They found this all inside dudes room!! Then when they finally bring me my citation the next day, I see that the officer lied about everything!! There is no mention of the guy whose apartment it was, nothing about them coming there specifically to find me over the 911 call they received about my having warrants, and a domestic dispute that had just happened.. and they didn't mention that they knew that I had just arrived there. The citation says that they came to the apartment building for another call, they noticed the odor of marijuana coming from apartment 2, as they were approaching the door I stepped out and was confronted by the officers. I was found to have warrants so they Placed me under arrest , and through the open door they could clearly see drugs laying around. They also arrested the girl for her warrants and the possessions. Well when I got to the jail they gave me a bond that I could never make. And when I talked to the guys in my cell, some of them had been waiting for over 17 to 27 months to go to trial. I was booked in at 12:10 Thursday March 1st. On Friday March 2nd I was arraigned, Monday March 5th I was indicted. Friday March 9th was arraigned for indictment and offered a plea of 5 yrs probation, said I'll think about it to my public defender, Monday March 12th I received my second offer 3yrs probation. My public defender advised me to take the plea and get out now, or fight it for two years. I took the plea and was final sentenced Thursday March 15th!! Two weeks!! That's unheard of!! Now, since I've been out and back to work, I spoke to the guy whose Apartment it was and he stated that they didn't ask him if they were his drugs, the only thing they asked him was where I was!! Then I've contacted my ex and she said that the officer who took her statement for the domestic dispute Was the same officer who arrested me and made the citation!!she said tge officer also asked her if she had any idea where I would go? She said that she told them I'd probably go to one of my installers Apartments and told them which Apartments he lived in. To which the officer replied "don't worry, we'll find him". He's fabricated everything other than me having marijuana, and having warrants out of Daviess County! I have to question how many other people has this piece of crap cop lied on, planted evidence on, and/or harassed!?!? It's officers like him that are the reason most Americans don't trust the police!! I know there is evidence proving he fabricated this scenario, the dashboard cams, the 911 call from my ex, the police report she made, the apb that was placed on me? There has to be something!?!? Every lawyer I've attempted to talk to says I don't have a chance at filing any type of suit because I pled guilty!! My choises were literally... Plead guilty and be released today, save your job and personal property, or take it to trial, sit in jail for a full year and a half, get found not guilty, and get out to having lost EVERYTHING!?!? Please help
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