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  1. The two terms I used were Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation Repair (My definition of it was programming the control box and adjusting sprinkler heads), I thought I was doing it right. Hopefully I can come out of this, if I get a fine I will not be able to afford it, I asked the gal about that and she said "Well then we will just send you to collections". This is making me very nervous.
  2. The landscapers board is September 21st. I was unaware there was an advertising law.
  3. I requested a hearing, and did the summary explaining why, It doesn't make sense to slap a fine on someone without a warning. I meant no harm and the ad was taken down long before they sent me the letter.
  4. Actually, I was just trying to find odd jobs on the weekend. I have a full time job during the week. I posted the sprinkler repair for 10 days and took it down due to no responses. I performed no work at all. They fined me for the words I put in my ad.
  5. Greetings, I have been advertising on Craigslist as a handyman, I googled the term "Oregon Handyman Advertising" and came up with basically I am good except plumbing and electrical. I put in two terms into my ad, Irrigation Repair and Sprinkler Repair, According to the Contractors Control Board (landscaping) It is against the law to say those two words as an advertisement? My question is, is this a violation of free speech? I put this as both an ad and a Resume to attract potential employers. So Resumes online are illegal? I have seen people advertise for help needed that they need sprinkler repair, is that illegal? With no warnings or Cease and desist, they told me I owe them a fine of 500.00. I really think this is unfair and I feel my free speech rights have been violated. If a group sues to advertise on public transportation that is controversial, why can't I advertise my services on craigslist?
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