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  1. John


    I guess I just thought that 6 inches would be safer than right on the property line. I haven't had the property surveyed so I am assuming that the property line markers that are there, are accurate.
  2. John


    It does answer the question. If I build the fence around the tree which would you recommend that I do? Put the tree on my side of the fence, or the neighbors side of the fence? There's not much room to put the tree on my side of the fence is why I'm asking. If I put the tree on the neighbors side of the fence does it automatically become her tree? P.S. She wants me to cut it down.
  3. John


    I haven't. Would they just answer that 1 question for me?
  4. John


    I am installing a fence about 6 inches into my property line. There is a tree in the way which is on my property. I have reached the tree with the fence. How do I proceed now?
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