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  1. Thx. With the shady, unethical practices I have witnessed, holding the employer in high regard would not be possible for myself or any other reasonable, prudent person. Don't believe im overthinking, there is crookedness afoot, I have no doubt. If I had some idea it would be detrimental to talk to the plaintiff, I certainly would not have. Even before that, I would have attempted to recuse myself, or, at the very least, expressed my desire to abstain from the drama madness. That is one reason I came here, to inquire if that would even be an option.
  2. I agree. I would not consider giving false info. Telling the truth can bring its own problems, however, but I would choose the truth in this matter.
  3. I will take notes, thx. My issue is if I am asked, at any point, if i had contact with the plaintiff, I would have to answer 'yes'. That would paint me in a bad light. I'm worried about my job if I cannot be utilized by the company for their end means. There has been no on-going collusion between me and the plaintiff, just the one conversation that revealed to me I had been included, in some way, in this legal wrangling. It would be hard for them to believe I wasn't assisting her in some way. Of course, if it went that far, there would be no proof in my phone records/email/text records of contact with plaintiff, aside from the one convo.
  4. Looks like she wasn't lying. I'm supposed to meet with company attorney today.....not good news.....
  5. Indeed, I have endless possibilities cascading thru my head. Nothing is off the table
  6. Unfortunately, I found out about my 'listing' from the plaintiff. I hadn't talked to this person since last year, and they contacted me. We had small talk and then i was asked a question. This person claimed to have gotten info that I had filed a complaint against her at work, and expressed surprise because we had a good working relationship. Shocked, and knowing I had filed no complaint, I denied it and asked what she was talking about. Then she said she had a lawsuit and I was included in a group of people who were listed by the company. Now I have talked to the plaintiff and given info. I had no knowledge of being included in this legal process, and if what I am told is true, I feel as tho the company has misrepresented me in this. i never went to the company to file a complaint on this person, so not sure what is going on.
  7. If an ex employee sues the company for wrongful termination, and the company lists a current employee as a 3rd party who had allegedly filed a complaint/grievance against said employee(along with others-the primary basis for dismissal), what are the rights of the 3rd party? Is the company obligated to alert the current employee of this status? Is it lawful to keep the employee in the dark until actually needed? How would the employee proceed if he did not file a complaint as listed and feels misrepresented by the company for their own gain? Would the employee have a right to a reveal of intentions of the company, so they could choose to rebut/decline? Can the employee just be listed in lawsuit paperwork with no consultation, guidance, or instruction whatsoever, and have no idea about this until called in out of the blue?
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