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  1. I asked what I wanted to ask. But why would he not win is a better question.
  2. Lmao.Well he is not bummed, we just found out some information that they may not have been. It was not something he was looking for, it just happen to play out that way. But with all that extra you said, you never answered the question. So if you can't answer it, there is no need to respond...OK....THANKS!
  3. No proof meaning the state in which they were married does not have proof of a license that was returned or on record. The divorce was 1 year ago. It was the ex wife that filed and he did not question it until he went online to find the information. It is in the state of Michigan. I thought you need proof that the marriage was valid?
  4. I have a friend that got a legal divorce and was ordered to pay spousal and child support. My question is, if they were found out to be never married, meaning no marriage license or proof of a legal marriage, can my friend sue for that money back and for the spousal to stop?
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