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  1. Warranty is non-transferable and would't cover freeze damage anyway which is the likely culprit here. Thanks.
  2. Makes sense thanks for your response.
  3. I am in Ohio, and i believe small claims limit is $3K, which should be enough to repair the damages. Again thought my question is "Is the seller liable?" Do I have a legitimate case if i was flatly lied to by the seller? Thanks for your interest
  4. I agree! However, do i have a legal basis other than why not?
  5. Should i approach through small claims court?
  6. I recently purchased a used hot tub from a private seller. Tub was only partially full when i bought it. Seller stated there were no problems and was partially full to turn on and show pumps worked. Once i got the unit home and attempted to fill the tub it leaked once filled above the amount that was in it at the seller's residence. Again i was told multiple times there were no problems. I have contacted the seller and they are willing to give a small amount of money back toward repairs but continue to say they were unaware of any problems. I do not believe the seller is telling the truth, i believe they new the tub leaked as i was told by a service technician it appears to be freeze damage but cannot confirm without significant disassembly. This unit was only 1 year old and had no signs of abuse. New value of the unit is over $11K, so this is not a small purchase. This being the story, do i have any legal recourse? Can i take them to small claims and at least recover some of the cost? What laws would be applicable if any? Any advice (other than i made a stupid purchase) would be very helpful. Thanks.......
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