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  1. Is their any legal resources here in North Carolina that can help me with this situation? I know i could hire an attorney however i do not have 5000.00 to 6000.00 to put down. It is like DSS can just take my children and file a false petition because i was demanding help with my daughter and refused to take her home to protect myself and my other children. Again is there any type of resources here in North Carolina to assist? I have all the evidence to prove the petition is false. However since i would not agree to the stipulation of facts they post poned the hearing till November 2, 2018
  2. My 17 year old child started assalting me, she was arrested 10/2017 for assaulting me. Then on 6/7/18 she assaulted me again in front of my 23 yr old daughter and my 2 younger sons 6, 9. The police were called they calmed the situation down, suggested i have her emancipated the next day. However because she thought i was going to have her emancipated she filed a false CPS case. DSS came out to my home the other children verified Alyssa assaulted me along with the police report. DSS wanted me to keep her while they looked for placement, i refused so they told me they would have to take all three children until the emergency hearing 2 days later on 6/13/2018 . Then they would petition for Alyssa to be removed only, this is per the Family Meeting Notes I have from the 6/11/18 family meeting at DSS. However at the hearing the Petition requested all my children claiming i exposed the younger children to DV. I am the victim i called the police, i refused to take her home to protect myself and my other children. I dont have alot of money they know this, so DSS can do what they want. This is not right i was the one assaulted. Can they do this, tell me they are going to do one thing so I would agree and then file a Petition doing something else. I have all the documentation that my daughters claim is a lie, and documentation that she has a mental illness, up until 11/2017 I was able to get her help but now she refuses. She also told DSS the same thing that she did not want help and would not go to counseling or take medication. Can DSS really do this to me; at the 7/13/18 adjudication hearing I would not agree to the stipulation of facts as I have all the evidence to prove it is incorrect, so they continued the hearing until 11/2/2018. I am only allowed to see my children 1 time a week supervised, even though I have never abused my kids I was the one abused and tried to get help for her. Again they removed my younger boys saying I exposed them to DV, even though I was demanding help from DSS expecially after she filed a false report with DSS the next day after the police came to our home because she assaulted me.
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