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  1. Help! My ex who is also a real estate agent said she found a great home that belonged to her sister and brother in law that we could buy and flip and earn a profit on. She said I would need to take 14k out of my 401k and that would be my portion of the investment. I signed what i think was a fake purchase agreement some documents she provided me. I gave her the 14k. Soon after this we were involved in a domestic dispute where I decided to end the relationship after she struck me. The fact of the matter is that the home was never sold and no flip occurred but I never received my money back. Through text, she agreed to only give me only 5k back stating that the rest she would keep being that she felt she was to be paid for funds spent during our relationship for personal use. That being said, I never received ANY money back at all and I feel she abused her real estate licence and my trust to steal from me. Is there a way that I could fight to receive my money back? Im not sure if an attorney would charge me more than what Im fighting for. Please help I feel at a loss and now having to pay back that money to my 401k that was never used for the purpose intended because of the neglect of this real estate agent who I trusted.
  2. Child is 7 and we can only communicate through talking parents. We already meet in a public place per order. When ive gotten out of the car shes falsly alleged that I've verbally attack her so I would like to avoid that. She uses any opportunity to set me up in hopes of taking all custody. This is why I would prefer to not give her that opportunity. What good is a visitation court order if it is manipulated and abused by an angry ex and doesn't have to be followed. I've read that any licensed legal adult can pick up at an exchange if I give courtesy notice prior.
  3. My ex has now decided to deny me my child at the court ordered exchange time and place solely on her wanting me to get out of the car to receive him. She has previously falsely accused me of verbally attacking her before so I do not feel comfortable addressing her directly during these exchanges. Can she deny releasing my child to me if I have another adult receive the child. The visitation order does not specify it must be me that picks up my child directly. Can she do this? Im suppose to see my son every other weekend and I haven't seen him in over a month solely because she wants me to get out of the vehicle during the exchanges and I dont feel comfortable. She was very controlling during our relationship and I feel this is another way she wants to control me through my child in addition to setting me up to say Im attacking her. And, after these violations, how likely is it that I can file and get the order modified so that the child spends most of the time with me and she gets weekends. I would never make vivitation this hard for her and I think it would be in my childs best interest.
  4. thank you. I am in CA and the letter received in the mail by the court states the judgment has not been completed and if not completed the case my be dismissed. I contacted an attorney and they stated that these are forms that typically get completed by the attorney representing the other party if I am self represented. These are forms that we have to complete and give the judge to sign after trials. They state "formally" what has been ordered by the judge in the meeting summary. The issue seems to have been solved as I have submitted these forms to be completed.
  5. Thats correct. To better phrase my question, is this a strategy used by attorneys to help clients with a decision they did not want in order to have the whole case dismissed in the event a self-represented person wouldn't know the proper after trial steps. And if so, what can happen if no judgment is filled by either party? Thank you.
  6. Why would the other parties attorney fail to complete the final judgment?
  7. In a case where both parents have 50% legal custody and the mother (custodial parent) is bitter and still trying to control the father, can the custodial parent request information like addresses and names of all family members and friends the child is with during holiday times with the non-custodial parent?
  8. Hi there I am a father that is has filed and been granted 50% Legal Custody and 2 weekend (2nd and 4th) a month visitation rights (starting friday and ending sunday) with an order to meet and confer for any vacation and holidays. The mother would use the child as leverage and would only let me see him at her convenience. After the court granted me 50% legal custody, I had to return to court to have a holiday/ vacation schedule ordered due to the mother denying me every request to spend time with my son other than the 2 weekends a month. The court granted me the schedule but was vague and gave us room to work together on certain holidays and vacation. However, she continues to be difficult with any agreements. Which brings me to my summer vacation question. The Court visitation order states that we both get 2 weeks of vacation during my sons summer vacation however did not specify anything else. I contacted the mother to try and decide what weeks we would each get. Finally, after her stating she had plans most weekends, I finally just gave her choice to give days that would work. She chose the start of my vacation to START on the 2nd friday of the month and ending on the 4th friday of the month that was suppose to be the start of my second weekend. My request is to keep my son through sunday as the summer vacation days run into my weekend. She says I cannot do this as this would EXTEND my summer vacation. Is this true?
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