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  1. Thanks for all the Info everyone. I think we are gonna go on and lessened learned. Thank You
  2. Thank You yes it was Oregon Small Claims Court we were the Plaintiffs
  3. Thank You very much for the good info. A friend of ours fixed it; it only took him 5 mins. whereas the shop took a month and a half , they didn't fix it and charged us with 800.00 labor charge. I'm leery about going to court again, but we would have a mechanic there as a witness . Any way Thank You
  4. We took a 1994 Toyota Camry into get repaired it was slipping from the 2 gear to the 3rd gear. They said they could fix the car so we left it. The dealership did not offer a rental, they had our car for a month and a half.! also they did not give estimate or fix it, it was the same as when we brought it into them. They put a couple parts on but didn;t need them. The dealership charged us a total of 1349.00 for pretty much nothing. We sued and lost!!! What to do now??? Thank You, Can we sue them again? Our first time sueing anyone; I think we flopped , We needed the speed sensor repaired
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