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  1. Small business what can I do about my situation. I been harassed by doctor I work for. I got hired with out signing anything that confirms my pay, start date just a packet I needed to read that didn’t explain much about what I was to learn. I was ask during the 10 min interview if I spoke Spanish I stated no. I didn’t think I got the job and was called 2 weeks later. After two weeks I felt really offended by how doctor would talk to me and he did it in front of other coworkers and patients. It’s been almost a year next month September 2018 and it has only gotten worse and intense very toxic no direction or communication just pressure and negative energy. I was out a week and a half starting from 07/19/2018 to 07/31/2018 I ended up going to hospital because I had signs of what I thought was a mild stroke, the doctor explain it wasn’t , but was concerned about what was going on in my life. First thing came to mind was my job has been very uncomfortable to go to I never knew what to expect, he said if I didn’t start looking for another job I could end up coming back. They did a few test and was diagnosed with sever anxiety due to job. And also confirmed I was pregnant and my hormones could possibly be playing a part. He said I probably should follow up with another doctor about my anxiety because it can harm my health. So I had a few appointments the week of July 23 2018 to terminate pregnancy it was a very big decision for me , and made me very sad. When I came back I was greeted by doctor as usual with rude comment why I was there 20 minuets early, mind you I never got a key but the other three employees do. I ask a few times and was given the run around. However two of the employees are new one received a key the same day she started, I believe because she is Friend of family and same nationality as well. Anyway when i went to sit at my desk that I been sitting at since day one I noticed the recent coworker who was hired recently had all her stuff on my desk. I was very upset and confused of my things being moved with out my knowledge. I ask the doctor why my things were moved he said she ask and she is gonna stay there now permanently. I then ask him again as I did before in past what was the reason for his harassment well I work why he treated me disrespectful. He waived his hand like leave his office saying no I treat you all equal. After coming back from hospital and miscarriage I was shock how I was treated when I returned. I spoke with doctors wife after and had also told her what I ask the doctor she got upset And said he is the sweetest man she don’t know him to be ugly to anyone and said she didn’t want to here it. I stuck it out even though the other employees were making things more uncomfortable and harassing me every hour what I was doing and again I was working it was just them working on forcing me to quit or get back to them in a angry way but I had sucked it up the whole time working here. Wednesday, August 1 the doctor was at another hospital for the whole day and around 3 o’clock I was confronted by two of the employees there I was threatened because one of them thought she was being recorded by me and the other one had antagonized by telling her I did and I will go to prison and lose my kids , I didn’t care about my kids and that if I didn’t get that stuff off my phone that she would hack in my phone or have somebody else hack it. I ask her to never bring my kids up that wasn’t okay and a touchy subject. She said shut up if I did not want to get fired , basically she could tell supervisor any little thing and they would believe her. I got up and left because of her continuing and I really didn’t feel like being treated or talk to that way especially after a miscarriage over the weekend. And because my heart was racing and anxiety kicked in I found it heard to breathe I felt hot and needed to leave before I allowed them to push me so that i would be the one to blame or what ever they had been trying to do to me. As I was walking out I was told I had to wait for supervisor and I didn’t say a word I text supervisor and told her I left because of the way I was treated and talked to by employees being threatened of a job and going to prison and loosing my kid’s for no reason. All she text back 15 min later was why I was on my way to talk to you. I explain I had to leave because my health I just went through a tuff weekend and still am affected by the decision i had to make. I didn’t here back from her she waited till following day and all she did was text me at noon I was suspended till she got back Monday. I was shocked and said for what she never talked with me just took the employees side, she then text back something like because of my behavior in office. I replied and said wow you never even talk with me about what happened. Well the other two were still there getting paid. There is more I left out I don’t know what to do can someone help me or direct me. I am really screwed financially I am late on my rent and other bills because not getting paid when we’ll being out due to good reason.
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