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  1. It is a private school but accepts federal student loans.
  2. I am a grad student working on my doctorate. I asked for flexibility in deadlines - my classes are online- and sent in a letter from my son's doctor as well along with the request. My student advisor had told me to do this and said I would be able to get an accomodation as the parent if I had written record from my son's doctor. However, the school told me that they didn't make third part accomodations and needed additional information to make the accomodation, which made no sense. Why ask me for additional paperwork if you don't make accomodations for a third party in the first place? I asked if they needed his birth certificate for proof that I was his parent to clarify (rather tongue in cheek)but they said no, they meant the physical disability had to be my own. I know employers do not have to accomodate a parent with a child who has an illness but schools fall under a totally different category. This seems pretty odd to me. And for the life of me, I can't figure out the answer.
  3. I am a student who has a child with an autoimmune condition. I want to know if I have the right to an accomodation from my school as the only legal parent with a child w a disability. I know employers do not have to make accommodations for caretakers, but I thought schools might have to. I don't know if the fact that I am my 5-year-old child's only legal parent affects this, or the fact that he just started school himself factors into the equation. In an odd twist to the equation, I myself am also disabled and am officially on record with the school with the disability office. However, needing a separate recognition and accomodation for the care of my son is important, particularly as I will need to take him to different appointments and his condition can change at any time, which requires my presence and attention. Everything I have found deals with the disability of the person in school, not the caretaker being in school. It's confusing.
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