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  1. That doesn’t mean that I don’t either. Maybe you can enlighten me as to why a person without a case would spend valuable time to look for advice on a forum full of strangers? What are the pros and cons? I’m sure you’ve encountered your fair share of people trying to commit fraud but part of my questions or answers swayed you from answering any of my questions? I know you have control of which topic you want to reply to so if you truly feel I don’t have a case, you certainly have a choice to not reply. Once again, I apologize if I said something that didn’t sit well with you but I have to win this one for all the injured workers who’s been denied without any valid reasons other than the law allows the carrier to do so. Im sure I was chosen because my employer decided to cut losses and it’s the carrier decided to join because two against won is favorable odds to take a chance on. I was fortunate enough that these forums has provided just enough that I may be able to get treatment for my injury.
  2. These are all true statements except the part about the doctor denial. I don’t any doctor can deny a claim. I’m sure they can say the injury didn’t happen during work but if that was the case then I wouldn’t be wasting my time or anyone else’s time. I did say that I’m not interested in getting more money but I never said that I didn’t want to replace what I’ve lost. i would not be on a forum asking questions if I had any attorney. I have been turned down on many occasions. I even reached outside of my town and i had three attorney say no. if I am breaking any rules by asking too many questions, please advise. I’m sure most are frustrated because it’s confusing and I’ve apologize many times for that. Being confused and frustrated is one thing but making assumptions or accusations about ones character is another.
  3. Would you mind providing some context?
  4. I think I’m getting the basics now.
  5. I see what you mean. I apologize for the confusion. i have a hearing for temporary disability benefits for a workers compensation claim. My claim was denied and information and assistance said i can bring all the medical records before the judge and he can make a ruling. I just wanted to know if there is anything else that the judge typically needs to see to award the benefits.
  6. Isnt this a workers compensation folder?
  7. Would it be easier if every question was on the same post? Or will I be asked to post a different question on a different thread? what exactly am I contradicting?
  8. Is there anything else besides medical reports that the judge will need to see in order to reward the benefits?
  9. Fallguy

    Depose qme

    Would either one of you mind if I pm more detail. I think ellemd is closer to what the carrier is thinking
  10. Fallguy

    Depose qme

    It is currently denied. I’m not represented. I’m not sure why they want to settle. It’s probably because it’s below the value. I don’t see any benefits for making this up. I could just ask my attorney if I had one. I’m as confused as everyone else. This is definitely the strangest experience for me. Would you like a little more detail?
  11. Fallguy

    Depose qme

    Yes but I decline it because too low. I wanted to understand mmi date so I will know the value.
  12. Fallguy

    Depose qme

    I would like to share more details of my claim but I’m not comfortable on open forum. Im sorry if my writing is hard to understand. English is my second language so it’s a little difficult to translate into sentences. im not sure if desposed is a good choice of word but he was replaced. He is no longer available to finish his report. I have many questions to ask but I don’t want to confuse anyone any further.
  13. Fallguy

    Depose qme

    He decline my case. I made one request and he wasn’t sure about itz
  14. Fallguy

    Depose qme

    I dont know the exact answer but my opinion is that it was denied without medical or legal evidence. I think another is to cut cost on a second qualified medical evaluation. I asked about his report so that I can estimate if any ttd is owed. If his report has mmi date but it also has work restrictions and further test and treatments. They may also want to settle because I don’t have an attorney and I don’t know all the available benefits.
  15. Fallguy

    Depose qme

    Let me try it again, I have a workers comp claim in California and i want to know what happens to the qualified medical evaluators report if he was desposed. The carrier wants to settle before I schedule an appointment with a new qualified medical doctor. Does the old report have any impact on the new doctor report?