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  1. I am now up to date on tags and insurance. How can I clear both before date? Will there be additional fees?
  2. I received a ticket for expired registration a few days ago. The next day, I was given the same ticket. I was on my way to get enough money to pay my registration. A friend of mine said I should not have been cited again if I had time to fix it. Do I need to challenge one?
  3. The other person on the lease paid the owed balance and I had to sign a new lease with just my name. I didn’t really read the lease and signed it because I didn’t have many option. The eviction date has passed and I haven’t heard anything. I’m behind again and I doubt I’ll get lucky again. How much time do I have until I’m forced out? I’m trying to stay until my next court date in June. Its a property management that I’m renting from.
  4. I received my eviction letter recently but they want me to sign new lease. I’m two months behind on rent and I’m just thankful I still have a place to live. do I have to pay the balance before signing new lease?
  5. Ellemd, can the judge award ttd as a stipulation? This judge is strict but fair. The HR rep admitted to not following their own investigation policy. His investment is base solely on a few statements sent to him after I was fired. He said he didn’t give any opinions or recommendations to terminate me and it was the Director of HR who made the decision. he testify that all his reports were done after my injury and he had no knowledge that I was injured. I question him later on why he didn’t get my statement for his investigation and he said because I was out on leave. what if the other witness doesn’t show up, Will the judge make a decision with only one witness statement
  6. Is it possible to subpoena witness after discovery is closed? the DA listed internal report but did not specify how many pages. There’s statements from co-workers, credit reports, receipts. i didn’t know about these documents but I have witnesses that says the were pressure to write the statements. The director of HR questioned them for hours until someone decided to make something up. There is no evidence to support these statements and some of them have dates after I was no longer employed there. I’m not sure why they didn’t double check the dates before the submitted them. Those former coworkers might be willing to tell the truth.
  7. So he wants to delay my case further? I filed for the expedited hearing on ttd issues but there is nothing on record or minutes order that shows that. I will need a miracle now. My trial is 4 hours but I can get that it gets extended to another date that will be 2-4 months. I can’t get an attorney because I’m trying to get the ttd before settlement. They will keep delaying until I’m willing to hire an attorney that can take make case off calendar or until I take their nuisance offer. Thanks you for answering
  8. Good point. I don’t mind going to trial but I think he could have made a decision with the evidence that I brought to all three hearings. I was just concern that he told me at the beginning of the hearing that the trial is only on ttd issue and it will not effect my medical because the qme said my injury arose in the course of employment. He changed his mind after the lunch break and said that if I lose at trial, I will lose my medical. I asked him why he told me it wouldn’t in the morning. He changed his statement to it could. If I knew what he meant by bifurcate trial then I would feel better about it. I’m just not comfortable with this judge. First he tells me that ttd is a medical issue and being terminated doesn’t effect ttd. He said only a doctor can decide if I’m ttd. He said he can’t award ttd because I was mmi. I told him that I’m ok with being mmi but I should get ttd benefits for the dates before the mmi date. He said no. He said my claim is denied and I can only receive it if I settle. He continued the first hearing because I had a new panel within two weeks. He said if that doctor says I’m ttd then he will award. I said ok your honor. Then he asked for the name of the doctor. I didn’t think that was important for him to know but I guess he was curious. That doctor said Im ttd and I brought it to the msc but he never looked at it and set my case for trial. he didn’t rule on anything yet but I’d be more comfortable if I knew what bifurcate means. It feels like the will limit my evidence:
  9. Payrollguy, Is there anything I can do to file a removal of the judge’s decision to set my case for trial if it’s more than 20 days? I was waiting for the transcript so that I can use that as evidence to file the removal. I went to pick up the transcripts a few weeks ago but it wasn’t ready. I also ask for the forms to file a complaint on the judge and I explained that I needed the transcript because the judge made some statements that I believe would harm my case. I called last Thursday and they told me the judge is proofreading it. I received the transcript today but it’s past 20 days and the transcript was heavily doctored. He omitted many of his statements during the hearing. i just wanted to know if there is another way to remove his decision.
  10. I I went to the ER the same day of my injury. That doctor told put me off work for one week. He told me to see the company doctor before I go to work. The next day I contacted HR and they told me to get with the adjuster to schedule an appointment. I picked one of the doctors from the list but he was able to evaluate me because the employer did not send my paperwork to him. He rescheduled me and he sent a note to excuse my absence. I recall the director of HR called that afternoon and talked about my production. I told her it’s the first time I ever heard of it and ask her to provide me with a copy of whatever it is she is talking about. She said she will get it and call me back but before she hung up, I ask her if she looked into the complaint I filed 2-3 months ago. She me it doesn’t matter anymore. I went back to see the doctor and he told me to stay home if they don’t have light duty. I sent that note to HR but they never replied. I took the note to the office and my boss handed me a discharge letter. He gave me the phone and the director of HR said I didn’t follow the handbook so they terminated me because it was an on going investigation. I didn’t know workers comp benefits so I filed unemployment. A few weeks later, the doctor called and told me I can still finish my treatment. I went for 6 weeks until they told me they can’t finish the treatments. Some of the employees and other injured workers pointed me in the right direction. It’s been two years and my claim is accepted but I’m going to trial for ttd.
  11. The insurance carrier had an attorney at the expedited hearing. She asked if I wanted to settle and I asked her how they determine that offer. She told me that the $10k offer has 3 weeks of ttd, $5000 was for permanent disability and the rest was for future medical. I told her no because accepting that offer would leave me -$3,500 because unemployment put a lien on my taxes and I still have to pay the remaining because unemployment charged an overage. Their attorney said I don’t have to pay it back because it works the same as sdi. I told her that I brought my evidence and I wanted to see the judge. She went into the court room 2-3 times and each time she changed the offer a little. The last time she said I can leave the medical open. I still decline because I wanted them to replace the sdi funds so I can use it against. The judge also peaked out several times to see if I agreed yet. they are now arguing that I was terminated for caused. Who is they? And you were terminated for cause. Your employer told you that when they fired you. the adjuster and the defense attorney. I understand that they terminated me for cause. They told me that when I was terminated. I know I’m an at -will employee so they can terminate me whenever they want. I don’t know if the same rules apply after I was injured at work. If the employer can legally terminate an employee after he/she file a workers comp claim then why even carry work comp insurance. Why cant they just terminate everyone that was injured on the job and just tell them they violated company rules last month so they were just waiting for the doctors to release so they can fire them? They initially said the cause was from a month prior and it was an ongoing investigation. Two months after my injury, they submitted documents to the carrier and EDD that the date of incident was after injury. They’re saying I returned to worked then I was fired.
  12. I was employed. I ask HR if there was any modified work available. The HR rep asked me to forward the note and he will review and call me back. I never heard from him again. I tried to call and email him 2-3 times the next day but he never picked up or replied. The day after that, I took the note to my workplace and my boss handed me the discharges letter. The explanation they gave me was that I did not follow the employee handbook. It’s been two years and my claim is accepted and I just started pain management. The most recent qme report says that 100% of my injury arose out of the course of employment and % of causation of pre-existing pathology that could have cause or contributed is within reasonable medical probability is 0%. he diagnosed chronic pain, chronic strain. Particular dysfunction, radicular pain, disco pathy, radiculogical confirmed, here, sleep interruption and psychological sequelae. He goes on to list my work restrictions and said should the employer not accommodate them then ttd is reasonable. is this considered substantial medical evidence? The judge told me was just the qme report only supports my medical treatment and the trial is to see if the employer terminated me legally. i reviewed the pre-trial list and the DA only has an internal report that differs from my list that is relevant to their dispute that I was terminated for cause. There’s the video, the first qme report from Doctor who retired. There is something else that’s unusual. The court reporter told me she would have the transcript ready in a week. It’s been three weeks and now the judge has to proof-read before it can be sent out. I told I&A I would probably never see that transcript until after the trial. Why is it necessary to have a court reporter if the judge has to proofread it. There is no way he will leave anything in there that will come back to him. i applied for ssdi and I’ve had my evaluation last month. I should get a decision this month. this claim has been nothing short of unusual. The transcript will omit my question if the trial will effect my medical. I can almost guarantee that his statement saying I am aware that I can lose everything if I lose the trial for ttd. We can revisit here in two months if I ever see that the transcript. The I&A officer said my case is special so I can’t even buy the transcript if I paid for it. It can only be release after the judge proof reads it.
  13. I think it’s chapter 5 of the rules and guideline that says if the employer does not offer modified duty then I’m entitled to ttd. The first doctor that I choose from their mpn list rescheduled my appointment because HR did not forward my information to him. He sent them a regular note to excuse my absence. That note did not have any injury listed and I believe they made their decision base on that note. the Dr examine me the next day and he told me not to go to work unless they have light duty. I emailed and called HR and they told me they will call me back. After two days of no returned calll, I took the note to work but my manager handed me the discharge letter. The reason was for not following the handbook. if I’m not entitled to ttd, why didn’t the judge just say no. He said ttd is a medical issue and only a doctor can determine that. He also said unemployment has nothing to do with his court. That’s a different court and he will not discuss that. their first attorney told me that I am entitled to ttd. She offered 3 weeks of ttd because I received sdi. I asked them to replace the sdi benefits and send me the difference. The DA must have been fustrated because she told the judge my claim is accepted. She had just told me before we went go see the judge it was denied. My claim was accepted over a year ago. They just never informed me. i called the claims manager and complained so she sent me the accepted letter. The very next day, I received a denial letter for ttd. It just says call the adjuster if I don’t agree. they are now arguing that I was terminated for caused. Did I misunderstand chapter 5 in the guide book?
  14. Does the trial judge make a decision on the day of the trial? The trial is for ttd benefits so I didn’t know if it’s different from a settlement or award. The doctor just schedule me for another injection next month. It might be 6-12 months before I get a rating.
  15. I filed for the expedited hearing for ttd. I brought all my PR-2 reports from my ptp that says ttd. I also brought my sdi award letter and statements with starting and ending dates. The judge made all the arguments for the defense. First, he told me I had to show him a report from any doctor that’s says I’m ttd and it has to have start and end date. I tried to show him but he didn’t want to see my reports. My reports only have date of examination and amount of days ttd. He then argued that I was mmi according to the first qme report. That qme retired but I did say that if the defense wanted to use that report then I’m ok with it. So I ask him for the dates before mmi that I didn’t receive any benefits. His next argument was that my claim was denied and ttd can only be awarded if I settle. The DA told him that my claim has been accepted a year ago and the reason was because I was terminated for caused. I argued that my last day of work was the day of injury and the cause in question was pre-injury. The judge said that termination does not effect ttd and only a doctor can determine that. He continued the hearing to msc because I had a new qme the following week. The report says I’m ttd and I’m not mmi. I took the report to the msc but the judge only glanced at it and gave it back. He was getting ready to set the case to trial but I intervene. The judge was upset that I interrupted him and he told me to go see the I&A. After the chaos, he said by law he has to continue the hearing and give the defense a chance to bring there evidence to dispute the Qme report. He said it would be an aoe/coe hearing. At the third hearing, he just told me that everyone explained to me that he is only a mediator and can not make decisions on ttd matter. The defense took my pre-trial statement and turned it in with his. He told me the judge fills that part for us. The judge never filled out anything and he never read it. The only note he put in the form is to bifurcate the trial because he did not want it to open the door to bigger things. I was giving a copy a week later but the pre-trail forms are blank except for page 5. The judge never explain the pre-trial forms and he knew i did not turned it in. I have trial in a few weeks. The defense is arguing that I was terminated for cause. The defense list of evidence is the same things I listed except for 1 internal report. The employer is saying that I was terminated because of an ongoing investigation. However, I was in charge of the investigation and it was closed a month prior to my injury. The fraud department assisted me in filing the reports. At this point, I want to go to trial so it can be on record. My claim is accepted and I started pain management a few weeks ago. I also got 4 injections that didn’t help much. I’m just wondering if I should subpoena their witness so I can ask them questions while they are under oath. I have a hunch they won’t come because they are 3 hour drive from the court. If they don’t come to testify and all they have is an internal report that I’ve never seen or heard of, Will it have any significant impact. They don’t have any legal or medical evidence to support their dispute. I have 4 doctors reports, I also have my personnel files that is empty. I have my personnel file from the DA that has two reports from the employer with incorrect dates. The director of HR falsified these and submitted them to EDD. She changed the date of incident to after the injury one one of them. The other one has the date of last violations as the week prior to injury. im sorry for the long reply but I wanted to be as detail as I can. thanks ellemd
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