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  1. My sister and I split the cost for a lawyer so our mother would have a will, when asked about power of attorney we agreed on my sister who is older and I thought I could trust, this was 5 yrs ago. Since then my mother has been diagnosed with dementia, my sister has sold her home and property but kept what she wanted, knowing she could not drive she also took her brand new car which was just paid off a yr ago which in the Will was supposed to go to me.My mom now lives with her sister who takes care of her and runs her to her Dr. Appts her payment is my mom's social security checks each month. Do I have any say on this matter or because she is alive my sister can do whatever she wants . More or less she received close to a 100.000 for everything and has no intentions on giving me my share is this legal care-home-fees-protecting-inheritance.pdf
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