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  1. My husband and I had a gotten a car financed through a dealership. When we went to plate the car we didn't have the registration paperwork to register the car. Went back to dealership to get proper paperwork and they were unable to furnish paperwork. Said they needed to get in contact with auction where they purchased the vehicle from, with no luck on getting title. The financial institute said they wanted to return the car because of the title issues. Not sure what my options are. We've tried to go talk to the dealership but they are saying it's not they're fault it's the auctions. We've tried to work something out with trading for another car but they are wanting to trade for something that's not worth the same for the same amount of money. We've asked for just a refund since they aren't working with us on trading it in and they only want to give us a portion for administration fees but they want to take 800 out of what we've already paid.
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