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  1. Well she shouldn't have been describing my son because it wasn't him he was in a vehicle at the end of the driveway so how could she describe him when she didn't see him?
  2. I understand that he is guilty of accessory but not of the crime that he was charged with. He was not the person that robbed the lady that was another young man that was told to his attorney. So yes the judge made a serious error.
  3. My son was charged with agg robbery when he was 16 years old. He was certified as an adult and had never been in trouble before. He had a court appointed attorney who talked him into doing a PSI after I told her I didnt want him to do that. She lied to him and said that I told her he should take the PSI and told him that he would get probation. The charge was Agg robbery with a deadly weapon. However, they had no weapon. The victim was a witness for the state and she testified that it was 11 at night and they had on ski masks but she also testified and described my son in detail in court while she was looking at him in the courtroom. She described his skin color, weight, cheek bones, eyes, and mind you he had already been incarcerated a year so weight was more and skin color was lighter due to incarceration. His attorney never objected to any of this or anything else during the PSI, which is pretty much trial by judge. At the end of testimony on both sides the judge imposed his sentence of 20 years agg and my son was 17 at this time. What can we do to appeal or give this time back or even get a time reduction?
  4. My brother was charged with a misdemeanor charge of theft $45 from Sears. When he went to court they offered him six months state jail. They reset him because they put a new charge on him for retaliation filed by the Sears. Then they offered him 25 years TDC. They dropped the retaliation charge due to lack of evidence. They in turn offered him 6 years TDC because they said he had affirmative finding of a deadly weapon in a prior case that had nothing to do with this case. Can they give him TDC time for this misdemeanor charge?
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