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  1. I truly appreciate your answer. Thank you so much for the information.
  2. He did not agree to have my brother appointed proxy. He is estranged from him. The facility gave my brother information that the patient did not want him to know. My sister in law was originally on the chart. My brother visited and told the nurse to call him first and they did no questions asked. My brothers bipolar disorder is severe. He is a danger to himself and others, he does not care for himself, he has sores on his feet from walking around with no shoes on, he has been Baker Acted 5 times in 4 months. Not one facility felt that it was necessary to go to the judge and extend the involuntary admission. The first time okay, second time okay, after this it makes no sense to me that the next provider/facility did not see the pattern. Pinellas county internal affairs has not answered my complaint, the Florida State Department of State where the issue was escalated to has not answered us. As said previously we were given the number to a lawyer. We are waiting to hear back from him. I am willing to pay an attorney to work for him in his best interest. This is not about a lawsuit. If it became one whatever. I just want this to be clear. Neither my family nor I care about the money. We care to prevent this from happening again.
  3. We have not retained a lawyer yet. NAMI referred us to someone on Friday. We were told that the amount of times he was baker acted should have lead to him having an advocate. We have not received a call back yet. It is the weekend. We have been through hell and back since April. He is still not well
  4. Are you going to help me by answering? If not I don’t need your input. I thought this was a professional forum where I could look for help. I guess not.
  5. They made my brother the proxy. He is estranged from him. They proceeded to give him all the information he wasn’t supposed to receive. They removed original proxy. There is a lot more to this story. I was limited to 999 letters. NAMI gave us a number for a lawyer. We were told that the amount of times he was baker acted is “not allowed”. At some point he should have been assigned a mental health advocate. The balls been dropped more than once. I had to escalate the internal affairs issue to the Florida department of state as pinellas county internal affairs never addressed my complaint.
  6. My brother Robert Bilella, is a resident of Pinellas County, St Petersburg, Florida. He is diagnosed Bipolar type 1 with psychotic/delusional episodes. In April he was placed into Largo Medical Center under the Baker Act. They violated HIPAA, the director would not call us back, they made our estranged brother the proxy and discharged him the same day they told me he was not competent to make his own decisions. He is now in Northside hospital in Tampa. We have had to call NAMI and mental health advocacy. My brother is disabled from birth. He has mild cerebral palsy. He is on permanent disability. Every facility he has been to has discharged him inappropriately. I have a complaint in to internal affairs of Pinellas county. The reason for this is the incompetency of deputies and sargent alike. I have read the Baker Act front to back, up and down. My brother met criteria. He now has physical trauma secondary to his mania. Please Advise
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