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  1. reason i don't have my kids. i didn't fight like i should have. if i had fought i would have won. was more than discouragd at the time, know it was no excuse not to fight though.
  2. is what i have been trying to find out is if i have legal right to go and pick up my kids without filing. but i should be hearing something soon from court of records so i can .
  3. and i have checked with the court system and there is not any official custodial rights given to his sister.
  4. in the state of oregon being poor is no excuse to refuse custody. and for your info i was the physical custodial parent for the vast majority of the my childrens life. i had a series of events that seemed to determind to beat the holy living **** out of everything i was trying do and accom[plish. not that i am going to go into details. sometimes **** happens. don't feel obligated to explain myself other than i got the raw end of the deal. as to why i am conserned about the outcome as to hoping he gets the book thrown at him is becausei have tried for the batter part of the last decade for him to be imprisoned for abusing my oldest son who is not his. and everytime all they would do is close the case without a proper investigation. this man has cut the head off my oldest rabbit then placed it under his bed to intimidate him and then tried to bnlame it on him. he has physically and verfbally abused my oldest son for years behind my back. so yeah kinda hope the fat basterd gets what he deserves even if it isn't for everything he should be charged with. and in the state of oregon becoming sex offender and doing prison or jail time does revoke his rights to be a custodial parent. previous restraining orders and violent crimes does prove reason to remove the children from his custody erven if it is relocating to a different state with limited to no contact with the children.
  5. with just the 3 felonies he is lookin at currently he is facing a minnimum of 20 years, 10 months unless he has one of those lawyers that knows how to get around measure 11 then he could end up with considerably less which would suck. sucks i tried to get the damn assholes -pardon my language to do something about nearly a decade ago and they would always close the case before thety even did anything....now i wanna just take his darn fricken mug shut and court summary and shove it front of the assholes that didn't do a damn thing...urg ahh well his bullshit finally caught up with him. hopefully i can go pick up my kids soon. i just wish with him being in jail acinbg prison time gave me the automatic right to go pick them up. i would of already been there if hadn't had to file first to cover my ass legally
  6. from what i understand it was his sisters daughter that this happened with. most of the charges occured 01/01/2018 and he supposedly turned himself in on 06/23/2018 admitting to unlawful sexual penetration 1st deg. so he isn''t getting out of it. some people i have talked are hoping that he will get the maximum for what he did. which is what i am gunning for. and then there some other people that i know who have only spent a little less than 3 years for a felony A although it was a drug charge not a sex crime. im guess at the moment that a drug charge is most likely gonna carry less immediate threat than a sex crime and be considered nthe lesser of the two. gonna look it up pretty soon. darn been obsessed looking up all the different laws ,regulualtions ,and sentncing. knida almost addicting. probably a good thing hoping to be able to return to my paralegal studies soon - i have a long way too go yet.
  7. yes, the kids are at his sister's house in central Oregon. which she doesn't have any formal custody of them what so ever. her address is the one listed though as their residential address in the custody order. the reason i haven't yet is i have missed placed my copy of the custody order that i need to fill the answer to either the immediate danger or the modification post judgement custody. i have requested certified copies of the original from the court of records. so just waiting for their reply to find how much the copies are going to be. I think i need like 3 of them cuz i can't take the staple out and run it through the copier. if I do then the certification is null in void. i also happen to be in another state. not to far its a neighboring state to Oregon and flat broke. so i am trying to get some funds together for the copies of the custody order and his prior convictions, previous restraining orders if i can find them and current. though the currrent situation should be then enough to convince a judge to place permanent custody in my care. should hear back from court of records by friday hopefully.
  8. well, what I kinda plan on doing is filing a Temporary Custody modification post judgement immediate danger. He is being charged with unlawful sexual penetration 1st deg,sex abuse 1st deg, sex abuse 2d deg, and 6 class A misdemeanors sex abuse. my main problem right now is that don't have my copy of the custody order/judgement. and it seems so far i have to get ceertified copies to begin the filing process ev en on the darn tempory custody modificationpost judgement immediate danger form. i would of thought that considering it's kinda an emergency i could of gotten away with putting the case # number for now and provided copies of the orginal motion and affidavit while filing for permant sole and physical custody. which would be a moldification custody post judgement motion. and he has been in county for the past month with no release. they goin to make stay in jail unmtil the trial is over and he is sentenced. if he is jail would i retain//regain custodial rights to go and pick up my kids without having to go through the courts?
  9. when the custodial parent in the state of Oregon becomes or about to become introduced to the prison system, what happens to the kids do they go to the custody of the other parent? he has been in jail county for a month now and has racked up 3 felonies and a handful of class A misdemeanors. what would be the best method for non-custodial parent do to regain her children? whom of which had been the primary custodial parent, to begin with?
  10. ahh shucks your just trying to lift my spirits. yeah he is not goin to have a good time in there.. i'm excited he finally got caught but im sad for my kids though at the sametime. i gotta try n get them out of there.
  11. Well, my ex finally did it. finally got caught doin something he couldn't run away from or use his silver tongue to get out of. He's on his way to learning his ABC's. Felony class A, Felony Class B, and Felony class C, and 6 class A misdemeanours.. 6 counts of sexual abuse in the 3rd degree, 1 count sexual abuse in the 2nd degree,1 count sexual abuse in the 1st degree, and 1 count sexual penetration in the 1st degree. My Question is how much jail time could some one facing those kinds of charges be facing? And how did he get so lucky sorta? cxCuzuz I know he had to of done it more times than he's bein charged with. i'm going to file for sole custody of my kids. I'm going to try temporary post- judgement custody and Parenting time "immediate Danger" and kinda see what happens from there. ugh someday when i finish my degree i will be able to answer most of these questions myself. but any knowledgable and or inquisitive comments would be more than welcome.
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