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  1. The tables weigh at least 300 hundred pounds if not more...they were used for show, the last time I saw them was on December 2017 and they were intact. Because I was contemplating in going back to Arizona, and the furniture was as I had left them, I was not concerned at all. It is not that I didn't care, it was the fact that it took time for me to get back in the stability of all financial issues that hesitated, assuring myself that my friend, once a contractor I used to remodel kitchens and baths on houses, was stable and has been a good friend to me. I was unaware of his financial woes (the last thing anyone of us would like to voice out). And another thought...if said furniture has no value, why keep it?
  2. The tables and clock were hand-carved from one tree each, there are not nailed, paste, stapled or other, it is one piece, and there are two (2) tables. I understand that these type of carvings do not depreciate instead go up in value. I do have receipts and letters to and from the woodcarver in their own stationery and invoices, so I can totally prove they are mine.
  3. In 2007 my business went belly up. It was a Mom and Pop mortgage company. I pull all the furniture that I had handmade to my specifications and left had them on my house until I was foreclosed on in 2010. Afraid to lose them instead of renting a storage, I asked a friend if I could put them in his garage, he said his display room was hardly used so he said I could put them there. I moved to North Dakota and meant to bring them with me. Time passed and I learned 2 months ago that he had been evicted and the landlord kept everything that was in his business. I called the property management and wrote an email to her explaining that certain property that was in there was mine. She asked me to send proof and I sent her an invoice and some other paperwork that the carpenter and I had share back in the 90's. She never answered back. I have been calling her but every time she is either in a meeting or on the phone with someone else. She has never returned my calls. My property is worth around $30,000 to $40,000. They are tables that were carved by one three and are one piece each. The carpenter has since passed. Are there any remedies that I can use in Arizona to get my property back? Thank you
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