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  1. I have my name on the lease in an apartment in Queens, NY. with a person I used to be in a relationship with. The apartment is rent stabilized. Now we are not together anymore. I do not live in the apartment for more than a year ago. The apartment was put on eviction as of July 31st, 2018. The judge granted her an extension until September 2018. Then she went to court for a hearing in September and she was granted a stay for an extra 90 days. According to the decision a Guardian will be appointed by a certain Institution. A case worker is handling her case. I consulted with a lawyer and she told me to wait it out. The social worker of the other tenant told me that they have to get a guardian for her. I have spoken to the real estate agency of the building and they have told me that my name cannot get out of the lease and my name is in the court case at this time. What can I do at this point? Is there another way out for me? I feel that I am trapped in this situation and I want for this situation to end for me. This case has been dragging in court for more than a year ago. I would appreciate any assistance. Thank you.
  2. I would like to know, if 4 people could buy a house together and be the legal owners of one house.
  3. My friend lives in NYC. He committed a Class A misdemeanor in 1991. He was sentenced by the judge in court for the crime. Is it possible to get that crime expunged from his record? Would that crime appear in a background check?
  4. I am applying for a job in NYC and in the application they asked, if I ever been terminated from a job? Can an employer find out all of the past jobs that someone ever had? Would the employer find out if a candidate ever got terminated from a job and for what reason? What exactly an employer find out with a Social Security number about the candidate? Thank you for your assistance.
  5. Thank you for the advice. I decided to inform the other tenant about the eviction notice. Hopefully, the other tenant will make its own decision. As for debt, I have spoken to the Realty Management about the payment of the rent.
  6. I have my name on the lease of an apartment in Queens, NY with somebody else. Our landlord since October of 2017 put us on a holdover. Eventually we went to court several times and the judge decided in favor of the landlord. On May 2018, the judge gave us 3 months to stay until July 31, 2018. I no longer live in that apartment. The other tenant still does. I want this whole situation to end. Can the other tenant find a way to stay longer in the apartment even though there is an order of eviction for July 31st or could the other tenant stay in the apartment? How could this situation end? What can exactly happen if the other tenant has not left by July 31st? I would appreciate your assistance.
  7. Since I am involved big time in this matter, should I get a lawyer involved so I could pay the rent or should I just pay the rent to management by sending them a bank check usps certified and return receipt?
  8. Thank you for your help. The money has to be paid. I spoke to the landlord and she said to pay the rent money. Should I pay the rent money before July 31st or after? What would be the best way to handle this matter? Is having an eviction considered a criminal matter? Could an eviction affect me in getting a job?
  9. My name is on the lease with someone else. I no longer live in that apartment. The apartment is in Queens, NY. The landlord decided to not collect our rent money since October of 2017. The landlord took us to court and judge ruled for an eviction by July 31st of 2018. I was told by management that the rent money owed has to be paid before July 31st. Is that true? The landlord told me that the other tenant has to leave by July 31st, if not, the sheriff will come to the apartment and change the locks. Would it affect my credit if the other tenant decides not to leave by July 31st and I pay the rent money to management? How would it be the best way to resolve this matter?
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