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  1. Well then how did I go into the Sheriff's office and get them? Ever heard of crime reports.com? That's where I started my search. The Sheriff's reports provide more information. I was just asking if the reports I got from the Sheriff can be disseminated to the neighbors. Anyone can go in and get them for a specific address. It's not that I didn't appreciate your response. It was just filled with snakiness. And you really didn't answer my questions. I'm not giving allegations to the neighbors, but public Sheriff reports. Yes, she was prosecuted on 5 counts. Still pending in the court system until September. Thanks for your help even though it was filled with snarkiness. You must be a lawyer!
  2. I was hoping that I would get responses for the legal aspect of my question, thus why I posted this on Find Law. Obviously I was mistaken by the responses I got. When I talk about proof, it's photos about the covenant violations and Sheriff crime reports I got from the Sheriff's office. I will seek legal counsel. Thanks anyway.
  3. Been to the HOA board today about a problem neighbor that is well known in our community. The Sheriff has been to this house many, many times over the 4.5 years (over 50 in one year alone). I read they can't stop someone from calling the cops. The board is well aware and for liability reasons couldn't tell me what is being done. But I had plenty of photos and documentation to give them which is what they said they need. So I'm going to inundate them with documentation. One neighbor has a restraining order against her and a camera mounted towards her property giving me documentation. But my question is: can I take these public crime reports I have gotten from the local Sheriff and distribute this to the neighbors? The board was concerned about her suing me for harassment. These are public documents and if the neighbors (150 homes) were aware of the crimes going on there, they would start to jump on board with documenting her many covenant violations to help force her out. The board says our nuisance clause is hard to enforce. So I told them to get with their lawyer on how to shore it up. Why do we have an HOA if her many covenant violations continue and we can't do anything with the nuisance clause along with the drug traffic in and out of our neighborhood? What do you think about me spreading these public documents? I figure I could verbally tell the neighbors to start to document her violations when I pass out these crime reports. What do you think? The board was concerned if I put anything in writing to the neighbors. I doubt she has the money to sue me and I'm not concerned about my safety as I have the Sheriff on speed dial and they are well aware of her behavior.
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