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  1. Motion to Dismiss for Lack of a Speedy Trial was denied/dismissed even when the Commonwealth was not ready. 520 days for oui and rear light outage.
  2. Thank you very much. Do you think I can file that motion now? There is a provision for an additional 30 days from the expiration of the otherwise prescribed time limit if a showing of "excusable neglect" can be submitted.
  3. A motion was filed for a new trial on grounds of inadequate counsel regarding an OUI case. CWOF., Continued Without a Finding was my plea bargain. My motion was denied. Can the Judge send my motion to an assistant district attorney for the decision? The assistant district attorney worked with the ada I complained about. John F Wholey Jr.
  4. Can a case be defeated for the lack of this mandate. By law the arresting officer must submit a record of refusal to the Registry of Motor Vehicles within 24 hours. There should also be a witness to the refusal and that person should be recognized on this document.
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