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  1. Thank you for the reply.... My husband is 11hrs away doing 10yrs,he has served 3. I have called,just showed up several times and this lawyer is very good at evading people. His secretary covers for him,altho she is a very sweet woman on the phone. My husband has written him several times to no avail. It is often left on the spouse to do these things. I go often to the court house trying to catch his lawyer. Theres got to be someone that will send me in right direction. The ball is always passed on to someone else.
  2. Yes,you probably signed a form when you were put on probation agreeing to it
  3. Who would i contact about making sure my husband receives the plea conditions he was offered for testifying and helping us marshals and ATF in thier case. Attorney wont reply. Outta site outta mind as far as he is concerned.
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