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  1. My husband and I are getting a divorce. My choice. And we are in alot of debt with personal and business credit cards, loans, real estate payments, etc. I am unable to pay my bills and rent and we have been late in 2 months mortage for our unfinished home and land. We also own a business together that has went bankrupt pretty much and our bank accounts are negative thousands of dollars. My question is can I legally make him sell the unfinished home to pay off debts and get our bank accounts up to not negative. We are both on the second-lien for the property and it was owner financed. He does not want to sell it cuz he wants to finish it and try to make the most money out of it but our credit scores are very poor and we owe a lot of money to employees and Banks Etc not to mention living expenses. Im looking for a job right now the offer we got would pay off all loans, credit cards, negative bank accounts, past employee pay that we owe them, customer refunds over $10k, etc. This offer could get us balanced out. I have an offer cash offer for the home right now and Im trying to get him to sign it but he will not. What can I do if anything to make him sign the offer?
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