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  1. The only problem.we have is POA will not release information on assets and he is meeting with financial person who is also his investor too. Nothing is in private. I'm in State of Florida. He has already closed 3 accounts. We don't even have copy of will. He won't give it to us. Everything is being dispersed at end of next week and investor of our assets will not meet all 3 at one time he wants to meet with each one separately starting with the POA. There was over a million and a half and assets and we just want to we stand as far as what was left to us and they won't even produce the will!what was In the safe deposit box was a big cluster bad word insert. It was supposed to be inventory done before items where given to grandchildren and daughter in laws. POA daughter got everything.my daughter received I items everything else was missing. They switched out real pearls for fake ones and lied to me about it. I feel so violated and I also believe the piece of paper that my mother-in-law left for the safe deposit box was altered matter fact I know it was altered what can I do about this it's not that I want anything being that my son passed away and I wanted to get my grandson something but everything is gone and there was never an inventory done. IMY husband and I feel we where deceived with safety deposit box. And are afraid what is in the will.any advice. I don't want things to go to private. I just want info on will and assets. My husband will not confront his brother I will do not lie to me because if they lie they will are all too. Will a family laser do?
  2. Is it true POA has no power over will now since both parties are deceased? Last one gone Was less than a moth ago. We do not have copy of will nor assets. How can we are what's in the will. Husband was told by the POA if he did not agree with conditions of will they would be thrown out of will.items missing from dad try deposit box. Items left to me swapped out or where missing. What can I do legally about this matter not even same piece of signed paper I read 5 years ago And both parents have been in look down at memory care unit. The paper states what goes to whom. Diamonds pearls opals. Hold items diamond pendants. My stuff was missing and my daughter stuff was fake stuff while the other people had all their items and where real. O don't understand how my family would treat me so unfairly. My pearls fake other caught in law very expensive
  3. I'm sorry. getting back to you ,yes.there was Aust that mother in law left to persons listen on paper that was dated 1999. Problem is half the stuff I bought her listed in said page was bought 10 years after this letter to people in page in safety deposit. They are getting read to split assets. We have no idea of what's in the will and if the page from dad th box was altered what about the will.it's odd. We cannot even look at will until assets are dispursed. They could of left money to their dog. But POA will not let us read ahead of time and has given us no numbers on assets and closed 3 out of 4 checking accounts.what are we to do? Plus he is meeting with his investor before we are him on investment from Father in law. Which is brother in laws investor too. Investor said we should all meet separately. Why?
  4. State is FL. Since both parents past after Alzheimer's disease first the father than the mother the POA will not give us a copy of the will norgmail release any documents on their assets life insurance ECT. Never worried before opening safe deposit box and the letter of contents Was altered. Now have questions about their integrity
  5. I have no idea of any assets that were left from parents investments. Was told could not have copy or will.I contested the will would be thrown out of all proceeds from the estate and have never had copy of will
  6. question with wills and rights as a beneficiary I'm getting a copy of the will before the deceased
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