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  1. hello my name is Jose , My house was foreclose on January 19th 2017. MY house was sold for $49 and some change I only owed the bank $280. An attorney called me and told me that there was a surplus of money do the foreclosure .He offered his services. I was really unsure of what was going on. i agreed to hire him. On january 23dr he sent me three forms via email. We agreed on 20% contingency fee. That night that attorney emailed me the docs And on the message it says "we will work for 15% cont fee. I received a contingency fee agreement that said 15% an a release doc and claim of surplus doc. The next day he sent a notary person to my house. He had the same forms that he had emailed me. So i thought they where . Because i thought that the forms where the same ones i sign them. The notary guy was in a hurry. Ok on july 2nd 2018 called to see how everything was going he said he had my check ready i just need it to sign a release dock. I started to read it and this was different. This one said that we agreed on 20% and some where toward the last page there was another 10% fee. This was if my case went to interpleader action. I signed this docs thinking it was 15 percent.This attorney charged me total of 30 %. I have not seen any court docks he never called me to ask me any question wen I would call him he would tell me to call back because he didn't have my case with him. I requested him to forward me all court docks and detailed billing and services rendered.I feel like I've been taking advantage of. Is this something i got to live with or is there a case here of breach of contract. Please let me know soon Jose
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