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  1. My attorneys filed already. We are going after the designers and architects of the tiki bar. They agreed it made little sense to only make the water depth 2 feet
  2. Just wanted to inform you all yesterday was my 4 year anniversary of my tragic dive. Please keep me in your thoughts. Thank you
  3. Even at the very least, a depth of 8 feet would've have minimized my injury. So yes I believe it is well worth looking into
  4. Hi sorry for the delay case is stalled for awhile The bar and resort won't compromise at all another option is looking into the company that designed the deck/water area and what made them decide 2 feet was a good depth. Frustrating!
  5. What is it you are trying to say? Please clarify TY
  6. thanks! It will take awhile but I think it will in the end
  7. Intake review It was very lengthy and detailed. My mom and dad were also present. The attorney asked alot of questions which was very good and also she said this could be promising.
  8. Yes I have had phone interview with a lawyer They opened up a file for me and are looking into it. So that's a good start
  9. Yes they do and they will pay thats why they have insurance for accidents like mine
  10. Were you on there? If so did you have any input or just read?
  11. Yes I was trying to find more input
  12. Hi I am looking for input on a diving accident I had
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