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  1. And reducing BS work comp claims is or at least could be argued a business necessity.
  2. I think a baby with the DNA of a man that isn't the father should do that pretty well.
  3. Your email is not legally protected, in a situation like this, in any state that I know of.
  4. From https://www.eeoc.gov/policy/docs/guidance-inquiries.html Under the ADA, an employer's ability to make disability-related inquiries or require medical examinations is analyzed in three stages: pre-offer, post-offer, and employment. At the first stage (prior to an offer of employment), the ADA prohibits all disability-related inquiries and medical examinations, even if they are related to the job.(6) At the second stage (after an applicant is given a conditional job offer, but before s/he starts work), an employer may make disability-related inquiries and conduct medical examinations, regardless of whether they are related to the job, as long as it does so for all entering employees in the same job category.(7) At the third stage (after employment begins), an employer may make disability-related inquiries and require medical examinations only if they are job-related and consistent with business necessity.(8)
  5. Wrong. First the ADA is only in play if they are looking for an ADA covered disability. Since the employer is going to have no access to the result of the test it can't possibly be used against you if a disability is found. It is a base line test that can be used to check for impairment should you at some point in the future.
  6. Nope. Even if it is "medical" and it clearly is it would only be a violation of ADA if they were to rescind the job offer because of an ADA protected disability. And fro your description the employer isn't even going to have access to the results of the test.
  7. I've reported the post to the moderators and requested they change the subject line..
  8. @Rozie2005 Is the name in the Subject line of this thread your name? If so you need to ask the moderators to change it. Any search of the internet would find this thread.
  9. PayrollHRGuy


    Sure you can sue them. Anyone can sue anyone for anything. The question is will you prevail in a lawsuit? Is what you wrote the complete contract? I'm sort of doubting it is. How much money are we talking about here. What state are you in?
  10. There are no laws in Arkansas on who can and can't be a CI. It is based on departmental property. In real life being a CI and being wired up and put into a dangerous situation only cross paths very seldomly.
  11. I'm willing to bet the OP doesn't mean a formal sperm donor. Otherwise I doubt OP would be surprised SD showed no interest. @Very confused Have you been named the administrator of your cousins estate either by a will or a court?
  12. I don't either. But you are costing yourself money. The LL is going to charge you whatever he is billed which will be the same thing you would be paying yourself.
  13. And if the charge is $30/month as you said in your original post you will be seeing that charge monthly as well.
  14. The LL likely has an agreement in place with the utilities to automatically switch utilities over to them instead of having them shut off. There will likely be a fee charged by the gas company when they are switched back on. You owe this fee and $50 fee the LL charges and you agreed to in the lease. You agreed all of this in the lease.
  15. Has a workers' compensation claim been filed? Lots of it is legal. Some of it may be an OSHA reporting violation. Some of it may be an ethical issue for the Dr. None of that is going to get you any money because, at least as of now, you have not been damaged.
  16. And midnight on Father's day is a little late to be starting this for Father's day.
  17. Your only real option at this point is to contact a lawyer and have him/her coordinate turning yourself into the police. If you have actually been charged with kidnapping you could be facing serious prison time and if you are arrested while "on the run" it will only make it worse.
  18. It is required to report and pay taxes on "cash jobs" as well as W-2 jobs.
  19. https://www.dol.gov/whd/howtofilecomplaint.htm
  20. File first would certainly throw a monkey wrench into the GP's plans. Who provides 50% of the kid's financial care? The shelter we know, it is the GPs. What about food and clothing.
  21. Please start your own thread. This is an old thread.
  22. There is clearly something you don't know about going on here. Your daughter needs to contact and hire a lawyer in Texas.
  23. Then you need to find case law on what a court in that jurisdiction considers "cold".
  24. Do any of those four links mention the temperature of the water?
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