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  1. PayrollHRGuy

    Health insurance for her kids

    Then you should do so.
  2. PayrollHRGuy

    Child Support Black Mail

    That is blackmail. It does not prove he is mentally unstable.
  3. PayrollHRGuy

    Health insurance for her kids

    Her children not your children? If the former only if you have a really bad lawyer.
  4. PayrollHRGuy

    Conflict of Interest

    Just to clarify the OP wroke "worked with" not "worked for".
  5. PayrollHRGuy

    Conflict of Interest

    Do you expect a law firm to check every possible tie to a defendant before they take a case? Especially if know and don't tell them. And I'm not sure that that is even an actual conflict of interest. There are going to be very few law firms that haven't worked with large insurance companies in one way or another.
  6. PayrollHRGuy

    landlord responsibility

    I agree and was going to ask the OP to read the policy if she had one. I think this is going to fall into the "stuff happens" category of life.
  7. PayrollHRGuy

    landlord responsibility

    The LL likely has no responsibility to replace the food. Do you have renter's insurance?
  8. PayrollHRGuy

    Conflict of Interest

    What was the nature of the conflict of interest?
  9. Well, Dude. The judge doesn't have the bailiff hold a gun to the person's head to force them to pay a judgment. We also don't send debtors to jail in the US. Texas doesn't allow garnishment of income so that is out as well. Here's a walkthrough on collecting judgements in TX https://www.wikihow.com/Collect-on-a-Judgement-in-Texas It has pictures so even an engineer should be able to understand it. But I'm sure you have heard the saying, "You can't get blood from a turnip." It applies with judgments at least as much as anywhere else.
  10. PayrollHRGuy

    Seizure Order and warrant before the actual date of crime

    How would they even know to?
  11. PayrollHRGuy

    Parking lease increased by 66% Baltimore City

    The portion you highlighted is talking about late fees not increases.
  12. My point being I wasn't going to read it to you. God and I help those that help themselves. That said, I see nothing in the listed agreement that says you can't sue if you don't take the amount they will pay. If you do take it you will have to sign a waiver that will stop you from suing for the deductible. Before you decide how to proceed take into consideration that Rover is going to pay. If you sue and win then the collection process is all on you. What sort of assets do you think a dog nanny has sitting around?
  13. Have you read this. https://www.rover.com/tos/guarantee/
  14. CHAPTER 5. Visitation Rights [3100 - 3105] ( Chapter 5 enacted by Stats. 1992, Ch. 162, Sec. 10. ) 3102. (a) If either parent of an unemancipated minor child is deceased, the children, siblings, parents, and grandparents of the deceased parent may be granted reasonable visitation with the child during the child’s minority upon a finding that the visitation would be in the best interest of the minor child. (b) In granting visitation pursuant to this section to a person other than a grandparent of the child, the court shall consider the amount of personal contact between the person and the child before the application for the visitation order. (c) This section does not apply if the child has been adopted by a person other than a stepparent or grandparent of the child. Any visitation rights granted pursuant to this section before the adoption of the child automatically terminate if the child is adopted by a person other than a stepparent or grandparent of the child.
  15. PayrollHRGuy

    Civil Case against a Russian Business.

    May well be. But I wanted to clarify for the OP. If the Russian company is a multinational with assets scattered all over the place there is a much greater chance than if it is Ivan's nicknacks.