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  1. PayrollHRGuy

    Teen parents

    There is no law SC or any other state that I know of that outlaws sleeping on the couch.
  2. PayrollHRGuy


    I agree. But you realize that if the HOA buys it, in one way or another you are going to pay part of the cost of buying it.
  3. PayrollHRGuy

    due process and private entities

    Unless an employment contract (and in one state in the country) says otherwise you are working under "employment at will". There is no requirement for due process in the termination or dicipline of an employee that is employed under employment at will. Where did you hear otherwise?
  4. The reason for that is that everyone else is simply a trespasser.
  5. PayrollHRGuy

    Insurance termination without warning

    You might want to ask why you didn't receive COBRA continuation information.
  6. PayrollHRGuy

    Wrote for no CDL but has CDL

    He may just have missed it. But I doubt that DMV won't see that you have a CDL before they start deleting violation points.
  7. PayrollHRGuy

    Case information withheld from background check

    Those online background checks are notoriously bad. I've had to run checks for clients that had already used them and often find convictions that didn't appear on the checks they ran as well as clean backgrounds on ones that have found arrests and convictions that were actually someone else. If the reports you have show what county the cases are in they are public records and you should be able to contact the court/police agency and get a copy of the record.
  8. About three links down in the link MiddlePart gave you is this link http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/DisciplinarySys/odc/odcform.pdf It is a form that can be used to file your complaint.
  9. PayrollHRGuy

    Locked Out

    You could have the house painted, install a new air conditioner or change the locks. Neither your or your wife's legal status has changed with respect to the home has changed.
  10. PayrollHRGuy

    Locked Out

    Because she doesn't have such an order is why you can have them unlocked by a locksmith. There isn't a law that an estranged spouse needs any special permission from a court to do home repairs.
  11. PayrollHRGuy

    Locked Out

    Sure she can. You can hire a locksmith to unlock it as well.
  12. PayrollHRGuy

    Overtime Question

    1. As long as there isn't a contract that states otherwise as long as he is paid at least the Federal & State minimum wage, $7.25 per hour, they can pay him whatever they want and he is willing to work for. 2. No, if he is driving he is working. 3. When there are two pay rates there is a calculation that is to be done. I know you are in TN but Texas Workforce has a calculator here https://twc.texas.gov/news/efte/i_employees_two_rates.html
  13. Not going to happen. If anyone was liable it would be the re-piping specialist for not confirming the other plumber's diagnoses of the problem.
  14. PayrollHRGuy

    craigslist suet

    Yes, English is the primary language in the US.
  15. PayrollHRGuy

    craigslist suet

    You have no way to stop him from suing you. All you can do is wait and win if he does. And for the record. su·et /ˈso͞oət/ noun the hard white fat on the kidneys and loins of cattle, sheep, and other animals, used to make foods including puddings, pastry, and mincemeat. law·suit (often shorthened to "suit") /ˈlôˌso͞ot/ noun a claim or dispute brought to a court of law for adjudication. "his lawyer filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles city" synonyms: legal action, suit, case, action, legal proceedings, judicial proceedings, proceedings, litigation, trial, legal dispute, legal contest "the actor is now involved in a lawsuit against his former business manager"