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  1. One month. Written notice is required.
  2. Unless you are ready to spend some significant money on a lawyer you have virtually no chance of custody (not that you have that much of a chance with a lawyer) and zero chance of court-enforced visitation.
  3. No need to post the same question twice.
  4. The short answer is exactly the same amount of notice the current landlord would have to give you. Do you have a lease? We need some details about the agreement you have with the current landlord. When the new buyer purchased the property he purchased all of the encumbrances that are on the property your rental agreement is one of those.
  5. Have you reported any of these things to the police? P.S. If your WiFi is being used by another you need to increase your security setting.
  6. Buying an extended warranty or not will have no effect on if your car will break down. It is merely insurance that can pay or help pay if you do need a repair. And they are not all created equal. Remember they are there to make money on the policies. If they pay more for repairs than they earn in premiums they lose money. Extended warranties are a fairly high-profit business.
  7. I'm sure everyone involved knew the proper euphemism. Everyone but pg1067's autocorrect that is.
  8. There is nothing the agency or the company can do to stop you from going to the press. If you have "... very strong proof for the medicines which are sold by our company in the US market are adulterated." they will love it.
  9. I think the OP's butchering of the English language is having an effect on the responses. It even got pg1067, twice. Unless a-hold is a new word for a-hole.
  10. You are in retail so I highly doubt you were working with a contract. Hence you were working under the doctrine of "Employment at will". You can be terminated for any reason or no reason at all. Telling a customer they are a jerk, no matter how true the statement, is a reason to terminate you. I personally would terminate you because you don't seem to know what a paragraph is.
  11. The actual legal fees will be exactly what you can get a lawyer to do it for. If you can find one to do it for $2.50 and a bucket of chicken that will be the actual fees.
  12. Whatever super´╗┐ seniority´╗┐ is it is a creation of the CBA, not state or federal law.
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