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  1. Sure, you can sue the bank. You can sue the person that withdrew the money from your account. Hell, you can go to the police and simply report that a forged check had been made in your account. I have no idea how long banks keep their video but the fact that you allowed this to go on this long certainly increases the chances that the video no longer is available.
  2. No, you are free to spend the money on beer and h whatever you want. The only entity that might have a problem with that is the company that you financed the RV with, assuming it is financed.
  3. That is correct. You should have never gotten behind the wheel in the first place, much like a drunk driver.
  4. Yep, small claims court. I find it hard to believe that such a business would loan you $650.00 with nothing on paper. I think a judge would too.
  5. I'm betting that NOT the OP asked the teller her account number and the teller pulled the OP's account number and either wrote it in the counter check or told it to NOT the OP.
  6. You should have shut it down during those months. Yes your husband would have done it anyway but it would have kept your kid out of the conversation at least with you.
  7. Next time you go in (and that should be soon) you ask that branch manager who is boss is and how to contact him or her. You should also have a print out from your online access of the counter check that was cashed on your account along with one that you have actually signed do show them the difference. Also while you are there you should ask for a copy of the signature card you signed when you opened the account.
  8. Who did you talk to at the bank? Not their name, their title.
  9. This certainly sounds like you were giving him a say in the matter.
  10. All things being equal there is very little chance you child will be removed from your custody. While the judge may take his feelings on the matter into account the ruling shouldn't be based on them. This is why you should have never given your child much say in the matter to begin with.
  11. There's your problem. Get off the phone and into the bank and talk to a bank officer.
  12. https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/open-government/members-public/how-request-public-information
  13. I assume you mean 'exempt'? I know of no law that would ban an employer from firing an employee for that. How much does your daughter make per year. Single and 4 likely would have the same effect on withheld amount.
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