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  1. It isn't that you don't speak the language of law. You seem to have an issue with the language of English. And it isn't an Arkansas thing because I to am form Arkansas.
  2. What are you trying to do here? Your communication skills are not going to allow you to help much. If we were to give you a step by step guide on how to clear this up there is simply no way you could comunicate it to Jr or Sr.
  3. So both Sr and Jr are criminals. Why are you surprised they are both in jail?
  4. What did your PO say when you showed him that?
  5. Then give up asking. Because you aren't really even asking the questions and giving the information in complete sentences.
  6. Was he supposed to be seeing a probation officer since 2014. If so that is why he is in jail.
  7. He said a call center. If this is tech support for the President's Nuclear Football or selling siding is up in the air.
  8. Are they actually collecting the information that you don't want them to have control over? If they aren't collecting this information you could go ahead and sign the document and then when and if they ever try to collect the information refuse to give it to them. I can't think how any of that could or would be collected (other than the retina scan and then only if they use it for security). My bet is that some lazy HR person or manager yanked this wording from somewhere else.
  9. Why would the AG be involved at this point? If they don't respond you need to sue them. You could also contact your homeowners insurance and make a claim and they may well decide to sue Weber. I still think it is questionable judgment to walk away from an uncontrolled grease fire.
  10. Wow, your cousin kills himself in jail and your friend gets shot by the cops. There are two things you NEED to do about this. Get some mental health help and hang out with better people.
  11. You might well be able to recover damages. They may well be reduced due to your own negligence when you left it burning with the gas not turned off at the source. How much do you think your total damages are?
  12. You might want to start looking for a new job and/or learn to speak French.
  13. I called myself looking up there and didn't see that. https://paidfamilyleave.ny.gov/paid-family-leave-family-care
  14. What state are you in? Under federal law there is pretty much no protection for you. I do not understand why people think they need to stay at the hospital with loved ones. A large amount is being paid to the hospital to have trained professionals care for them.
  15. How long were you gone helping a friend recuperate?
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