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  1. Hmm, man I gotta find this thing and get you guys the name of the form I signed that was supposed to be mailed in. Do you know, should the bank have a copy of this form on record if a notary from there signed it? And if so could they provide me with a copy? Since that copy, would indeed still have both our signatures.
  2. Thank you for replying and for the advice. Right, it is a quick claim deed I was referring to. It was our understanding that the quick claim deed was, in layman's terms, a temporary sort of deed or at least intent to give us ownership that we would mail in and then receive the "permanent" one. I figured I wouldn't be able to get her to pay my lawyer fees. And honestly I probably don't have it in me to make her anyways. She has 2 kids who I love dearly and wouldn't want them to suffer financially because of all this, but damn it I worked hard for this house, paid AT LEAST half of it and think I should own at least half of it one way or another.
  3. Right, starting to realize that. Below someone was kind enough to answer my question of her paying for lawyer fees, which I now know is highly unlikely. Do you think based on the information I've provided (obviously there are a ton of variables) that it would be worth my money to hire a lawyer and pursue this? Or do you think I'll likely take the lesson learned and be empty handed regardless?
  4. This is my first post so forgive me if I'm missing something or if this has already been addressed elsewhere. I did something really stupid, the thing that everyone knows better not to do; I bought a house with my girlfriend... no not wife. I'll do my best to leave the drama out and focus on the facts and what my questions are. We both make okay money, so we decided to suffer the short term and make balloon monthly payments and get it paid off as soon as possible so that we can be to financially free. (One of the only smart decisions I make through this entire post). Just over 2 years later we both walk into the bank meet the seller and make the final payment that is owed. Boom! We own it and sign the quick deed. To be crystal clear here: the previous owner signs the quick deed, she signs as new owner and I sign as owner( legally co owners?I'm not sure of the proper verbage). Next, all three of us watch the notary sign it and she explains how to mail it in and get the actual deed. Now as you may have guessed during the previous two years we have grown to despise eachother, and I'll leave it at that. Also, there is no way of actually telling which of us made which payments because both of us had our paychecks deposited into the same account(yea... I know) and then our bills were simply paid out of that account. It truly was very close to 50/50 but I'm guessing that really doesn't even matter. Because we both are on the deed right? A week or so later "for some reason" the quick deed still hasn't been mailed in despite my urging. Thats right she has it somewhere basically hidden from me and won't mail it in. After another fight or something I find the quick deed and what a shocker. In an obviously quick fashion, probably while angry, she took white out and went over my name on it. It's not the cheap stuff I can scratch off but its by no means a job well done eaither. Blah blah blah she gets the deed back, it's hidden again, not mailed it, and I'm done fighting with this petty stuff. Where do I stand, legally, on my desire to have half of the $55,000 paid to me? I'm not interested (rather cant afford) to buy her half from her and be the owner although I'd love to. Also, if I were to go through the system and the judge saw that my story was truthful, what are my chances of having her pay for at least part of my lawyer fees? I truly don't want to be ugly in all this, I loved the women at one point, but I really feel my hands being forced. I don't want to nor have the money to go to court (i spent most of it on a house -.-) but i simply worked to hard for and put to much into our land to walk away and let it be a lesson learned. My thinking is that, if we were to go to court, the previous owner and notary from the bank would be summoned and they would testify that I indeed am a co owner. Right?
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