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  1. I am recently divorced. During our settlement, my ex-husband demanded that I sell my condo, which I purchased when I separated from him. He will not get any profit from the sale of my condo as he did not contribute in any way to the purchase, but his name is on the deed as per Texas law as we were legally married at the time I purchased it. Is it possible for me to sell my condo to my best friend for a small amount, say $100, and then rebuy my home from her? I am not eager to move just yet and I have to officially list my condo with a realtor by August 1 of this year. But my ex-husband, as per our settlement and divorce decree, is not able to deteremine the price or make any other decisions about the sale of my home. He will have to sign papers at the closing however because his name is on the mortgage (never paid any money on it though - just required by Texas law) and on the deed. Is it possible for my best friend to buy my home and then sell it back to me? Thanks for any help you can offer me!
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