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  1. Nothing cause he said wont do any good i think he doesnt know what to do suggestion?
  2. He is currently at a very danger blood sugar level with average of 300 plus, due to diet, lack of exercise. A another contributor is the time critical after checking blood sugar and receiving his shot and when he actually receives food. Providing a nutritional snack in the meantime is also ignored. These things can result in a diabetic coma and or irreversible organ damage, such as blindness or death. The medically necessary diabetic shoes for his level of diabetes are also not being provided. He has been informed by prison physician he may have to start considering toe amputations. He is not getting proper tests for kidneys either, along with vital medical procedures which are also not being followed prior to any oral extractions and oral surgeries to help avoid infection. The brand of insulin he needs to mange his diabetes is also not an option that they are willing to provide.. Staff is being negligent in adhering to the procedures and policies and rights of a diabetic inmate as it states in Federal Laws and Policies set for by the FBOP, the Food and Drug and the American Diabetes Association? What does he do to exercise his rights and to have staff held accountable for being in violation of those rights?
  3. Finishing a Federal Sentence but has Bench Warrant and DOC hold and has filed a motion for a right to speedy. It has been over 100 days since it was entered in the courts. When can he exercise his right to legal court appointed attorney to file motion to dismiss? Does he get to receive legal counsel with the DOC hold which he is not aware of what the charges are. His Federal release is is August 2nd, 2018. That is less than 60 days out. Or is there not rights on time frames and no legal counsel since currently serving a sentence? He is in the same state as Bench Warrant, and DOC that he was being supervised by. He is currently housed in the next county over from mentioned above.
  4. He is finishing a Federal year sentence, and he has a Sheriffs Bench Warrant for FTR and a DOC detainer. When he got transferred to SeaTac Federal Detention Center he filed a motion to a right to a speedy trial pertaining to the Bench Warrant. It was in the same state as warrant and DOC detainer. It shows filed January 30, 2018. I t has now been over 100 days and no word in reference to the motion. Does he lose his amendment rights since he is incarcerated at this time? Can he file a motion to dismiss since he has not even been notified or arraigned on the charge? If not will he get credit from the time the motion was filed with court?
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