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  1. we have a child in our care he has lived with us for around 4 years now he is 7. his parents gave us POA they can not and will not support him in any way. we want to adopt him .he has many special needs. so we want him to be under the special needs adoption . were as it is paid for. but problem is he is not in system .so social services can not do anything . his dad has not see him in over 6 months and has no giving us any money to help with expenes ever . he is willing to give up his rights.mom is in treatment center been in and out several years drank and did drugs while pregant with him . she can not take care of her self let alone her son. she has not helped to support him either. she is willing to give up her rights to. so they can not provide food or housing for him. the POA ran out june 6 2018. so right now we dont have POA leagly now either. we would like to adopt him under the special needs adoption in wis but they sat he can not because he is not in the system.. WE ARE LOST DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO????
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