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  1. I need help. My ex had primary custody of our 2 kids but has since went to jail. He left the kids with his wife. No one told me and since they didn't allow the kids to talk to me let alone see me. I had no idea until the child support stopped. (Our case was supposed to be moved by my ex to his county but they neglected to do so and neither court would hear my case without the documents my exs lawyer refused to release until they pay their bill). Now the kids had no choice but to leave the step mothers place because apparently she became abusive towards them and started doing drugs. Now her mother has all my exs kids including my 2. 1 is now 19 and talks to me regularly just graduated too. The other is 17. 2 years ago when this all came to light they ran away. They were forced to go back to the step mom. Now the 17 year wants to come home with me but is so scared. (She is scared of getting in trouble as she was punished for 7 months they had someone either her thru everything even showering those 7 months) How do I get her? Side note the kids step mothers mom doesnt like me (I dont know why) has the same rules for lack of a better term, for my 17 year old talking to me. What do I do to get her now or quickly. How? I'm so lost. Tia
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