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  1. Noticed late... (new to the site)... but perhaps somebody will still gain something from thread (other than there is no hope) and investigate further.
  2. https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2014/06/11/supreme-judicial-court-orders-end-lifetime-parole-supervision-for-sex-offenders/GL43yinlBDo10Ta1Sn3hRM/story.html I believe that the whole "lifetime supervision" issue is unconstitutional. The above article may shed some light on how it was just overturned in another state, although there may be an issue with what authority the board was given in that state vs here in WA state. FYI - this is a recent decision and I haven't researched the differences yet. But it may still shed some light on how to challenge it here as well. Comparing it to the Clark decision mentioned above by LegalWriterOne (and any others related) would be advisable. And of course, the system is slow and it will take time. However, somebody has to "trail blaze" the issue and it sounds like your brother has the good conduct to support it. I'm working on my law degree - not an attorney... so read the article and take my opinion on the unconstitutionality issue as such.
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