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  1. Twenty three months after closing on our house sale the buyers have filed for binding arbitration for water intrusion in cement storage room in lower level. We lived in the home 14 years and NEVER had any water issues in the cement storage area/room they are claiming. They are claiming over $20K in water damage from the front stoop leaking into this cement room. They stated it leaked 18 times since closing and has caused them not to enjoy the property. They did have an inspection done, walk thru the day of closing AND we allowed them to store personal belongings in this room apprx, two weeks before closing. NO water damage happened to their property during this time and none ever to our belongings stored in this room. We can not find our copy of the inspection report and they will not release access to it . We assume they will have to present/release it to the arbitrator.? They are stating we misrepresented this on the disclosure. Again, we never had water issues and how could we disclose something we didn't know about? Per the internet 2016 was the wettest in MN history. After 18x one would think they would have mitigated the issue? Help --- we have hired a lawyer and spent $ on this issue we had no knowledge of. Thoughts/opinions please!
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