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  1. A few months ago my daughters best friend's mom got hooked on drugs and is now living in a homeless shelter in Tennessee. My daughters friend (Lexi) is currently living with her grandmother. The grandmother has another daughter who also got hooked on drugs. That daughter has always lived with her, she has a daughter too (Alaina) who is also staying with her grandmother since her mom is no longer fit to take care of her. Alaina has always lived with her grandmother and gotten special treatment. She gets the brand new iPhone after completely shattering the last one. The grandmother makes Lexi pay for her phone bill babysit every weekend, and go to the laundromat to do her laundry when there is a perfectly working washer and dryer in their house. Alaina also has to babysit, but she doesn't have to use the money she gets paid to pay for her phone bill or do her laundry. She doesn't even have to do her own laundry the grandmother does it for her. Alaina gets to go to friends houses whenever she wants. Lexi rarely gets to go to her friends houses. Whenever she asks the grandmother will say no. Or she will tell her to do some things around the house before she gets home, Lexi will do them, and then when she gets home she will make up reasons for her not to go. For example today Lexi asked to come to our house and then her grandmother told her to load the dish washer and clean her room. Lexi did it and then when the grandmother got home she got into an argument with Lexi's older sister and now won't allow Lexi to come to our house. While Alaina is planning on having a slumber party with all of her friends on the same night. I would like to adopt Lexi but I can't afford to have a third kid in my house. I'm aware that I'd have to get both of the parents to give yup custody. I think the father wouldn't be that much of a struggle, he has already said that he doesn't want her when she tried to live with him after her mom left, and the mother is hooked on drugs in Tennessee.
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