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  1. I apologize, I should have been more specific. We still haven’t filed any paperwork at all. I am going to be moving out within a few days. I would like to buy her out of the house if possible. Hopefully her and I can reach an agreement on that.
  2. Thank you so much for the response! I just want to understand a little bit better since reading that statute. Since it does appear that my marriage is void and we aren't married (since she was never divorced), what should my next step be? Are pictures enough to prove this fact? And don't I need the annulment to actually prove that the marriage is void? We do have a house in common and debts so I don't know how all of this will come into play.
  3. I have a question regarding annulment in Indiana. I have been married for almost 5 years. We are separating and divorcing. We were recently cleaning the house together and I found a folder so I opened it and found my wife’s wedding pictures with her children’s father. So I showed her and said what is this I thought you were never married? So she cried and said they did get married when her youngest daughter was about 1 but she didn’t remember the exact date. No big deal, but the issue is that she never got divorced. I was reading about annulment in the state of Indiana and it says there are no time limits, but that they can not be living together. Basically my question is this, since my marriage is fraudulent (my wife was already married when we got married), so when I move out, I should be eligible for an annulment, correct? My next problem is proving the first marriage. I have copies of the wedding pictures. I have been trying to locate the marriage record for her first marriage but I can’t find it in Indiana or Kentucky. Since they are both from another country, the marriage may have taken place there. My wife won’t give me any more information. What can I do to prove this first marriage to a judge? Are 3 pictures of the wedding ceremony and copies of their children’s birth certificates enough? They have 3 children together (we have none thankfully).
  4. State is Delaware. My ex wife and I separated back in February 2012 (divorced finalized Nov 2013). I have a 9 year old daughter with her. Since we have separated and divorced, our daughter has always been with her. I relocated to Indiana in September of 2012 due to many false allegations of violent behavior against me (I would go pickup my daughter and when I would decline her advances towards me, she would instantly change her attitude and most of the time call the cops). I tried to have police officers come to her house to be witnesses when I would pickup my daughter but they always declined. I was scared of going to jail for more false allegations so I left. She filed a restraining order the week I filed for divorce, which was granted and later I contested the restraining order and the judge sided with me and removed it (based on the fact that I live in Indiana 9 hours away). Anyway, I’m not going to bash my ex, just stating facts. She is very manipulative with my daughter (and up until this point I have been stupid enough to play into it). My ex tried to commit suicide 2 times when we separated (and was hospitalized both times). She filed for custody and back in March 2014 there was a court date. I bought my plane ticket and was going to fly out there to court. The morning I was scheduled to fly out, my daughter (5yrs old at the time) called me crying hysterically, saying “please don’t take my mom to court she is scared to death you can’t do this to her etc etc”. Me being stupid I fell for it and didn’t go. She got full custody and I was ordered to pay child support (which I pay every week without an issue). Since then I have been completely alienated from her. My ex does not ever respect the visitation rights that I have. The police will not enforce them either (they tell me to go back to court). The only time I could talk to her is the times she has received letters from lawyers about me wanting to file for custody. I saw her in Sept 2017 at my parents house for a weekend and now (Memorial day weekend). Her mom tells her I don’t care about her, I’m horrible, many bad things. My daughter seems very insecure and afraid of her mother. At the store she is afraid to ask for things. She is doing poorly in school. She is always in her older sister, aunt, or grandmother’s care (very rarely with her mom). They have no internet, no TV. They never do any activities with her. Just school and home is her life. I gave her a great weekend that she will never forget. I truly feel that she would be better off with me. Her life would be so much better here with me. I asked her if she would want to visit me in Indiana and she said yes but that her mom would never let her. I just feel as though I have many things against me in this battle. Is there anything I can do? If we had joint custody she would never Let me take her anyway since no one enforces it. This is why I feel that full custody is my only option. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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