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  1. Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I was not sure. I am a young screenwriter and while I only have one film made from a script ever, I am very excited about this project. I hope I can get some help from the community as I am trying to be as accurate as possible. and yes, I will get all the credit although it is your ideas :-) The story is about a father who is falsely accused of child molestation and loses his child in court and fights the court system to the Supreme Court and then abducts his child as the last resort and then mother, father and son are reunited in a foreign country. Then they all return to the US and father gets arrested in spite of guarantees. So the first part was easy. I went to Family Court and listen in on some of the trials, I interviewed mothers and fathers that were in similar positions than the protagonist. I even read court papers. As to the second part, the abduction, I figured it would also be pretty straightforward and easy. Father forges a passport for himself and his daughter, gets on a plane, gets off in northern Europe somewhere (he but not his child is an EU citizen (makes sense in the movie)) and lives happily ever after. I soon realized that this is completely unrealistic. First of all, it is nearly impossible today to forge passports (he cannot use the real passports because the authorities are searching for him), secondly I found out that there is something called the Hage agreement which most countries are part of which provides for promptly returning children to the country of abduction. So this is the part that is troubling me. Again, this has to be as realistic as possible (once or if the movie is made there will be changes and a lot of artistic license but it has to be realistic to begin with). 1) how would the protagonist and his daughter get out of the United States and to their destination country? Learning to fly a private plane and renting one and not returning it is too risky, same for buying a motor yacht, perhaps bribing a container ship captain, or illegally entering Mexico or Canada first and flying from there perhaps, or? 2) which country would the protagonists choose? Since he wants to keep his child safe, it could not be a war torn country, but if it is a Western country there is probably that hage agreement in place, some countries extradite people to USA who committed a crime in the USA (which international child abduction is in the United States), it cannot be a developing country for fears of disease etc. All northern european countries have a hage agreement although Norway is so liberal he might get the authorities not to export his child and himself back to the usa. The balkan countries often are unstable and dangerous and even Albania is too uncertain, etc.. (in the script he has these discussions with an accomplice). So if anybody could elaborate on these 2 questions I would very much appreciate it. In fact, if there is a country that is popular among child abductors, perhaps someone can mention that or even knows somebody or of someone I could interview who has gone through an abduction. Thanks so much PS: does anyone know of any movies like this already made?
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