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  1. Yes, it is a finalized court order. As far as working things out, we are for the most part civil, but she is highly irresponsible in a lot of regards. She is refusing to get a car because she is relying on the fact that I will make the extra drive to pick up our son from her house or a close meeting spot to her house, which neither are the agreed upon in court meeting spot.
  2. I We had mediation at the end of January, and started the new time sharing agreement then. Since January, she has only met me maybe five times; we swap every Friday. Usually, I have to drive 30 mins extra one way to her house or to a meeting spot close to her home because again, she does not have her own vehicle anymore. She does have a job and hardly any bills, so she does have the "means" for a vehicle, but spends her money irresponsibly. For the time being, she uses her mom's car, which is not always reliable. Unfortunately, my son is only three years old, and public transportation is not available.
  3. Hello, My ex wife and I have had a finalized mediation agreement for our son since January 2018. Currently, she has only met me at the agreed upon meeting spot a handful of times. We are now almost in June and I still have to drive the full distance to swap him, because she can't keep a working vehicle. Should I be reporting this? If so, how would I go about doing that?
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