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  1. The contract states that the seller must inform the buyer in writing, this was never done, but then again, there seems to be no time frame for this to happen. But I'm betting it can't be at closing, that would be crazy, what if the buyer didn't have the extra 10% of sale price. I will call the IRS about FIRPTA tomorrow to see how the tax is to be sent, either the seller pays the tax at closing or there is no deal. I find it ridiculous that a US buyer has to pay the tax for a foreign seller. Thanks for your input.
  2. Is a seller in breach of contract if he did not disclose that he is a foreign seller? Closing on June 1st, was contacted by closing agent late on May 25th (holiday weekend) asking for social security number for FIRPTA. This is the first time I heard that this was a foreign seller and I'm wondering why recourse I have. Thank you.
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