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  1. It's was so much that she gunned it... she was racing while texting while listening to loud rap music after smoking some pretty crazy weed. But I appreciate your judgment on her driving... real helpful.
  2. So does the yielding to oncoming traffic only apply in the first second the light turns green? 2-3? seconds? 5 seconds? 20 seconds after the light turns green? Is someone who ever runs a red light ever 100% responsible/liable for the accident? Or does every driver who enters an intersection on a green light need to yield to oncoming traffic to avoid shared liability just in case someone runs a red light? It's a serious question... just wondering where that line is drawn based on this response.
  3. I appreciate the responses. For the record... my daughter never ever claimed the other driver ran the red light. Her only statement was she turned on the green arrow. That's all she knew. The other driver's statement about being in the intersection when the light was red was what the state trooper used to write him a ticket. I get the part about yielding... I guess the other driver having received a ticket is what confused me about the 50-50. I don't know the liability rules like some of you here do so your advice is helpful.... it's why I asked. I simply thought the ticket implied more guilt than it obviously does according to what I am hearing.
  4. That is the truth. I can't prove he ran a red light no more than the state trooper who wrote him a ticket for having done so could. Simply wondering if him having been issued the traffic ticket should be than the 50-50 his insurance company is offering. From the sounds of the responses so far it's acceptable.
  5. In short, daughter's car was facing N stopped at a red left turn arrow on a 4-lane highway intersection (two left turn lanes in all directions). This is at 7:30 PM in early Feb so it was dark out and traffic was sparse. The left arrow turned green and she started through the intersection to make her turn. She never saw that there was a vehicle still coming through the intersection southbound (not E-W cross traffic) on the inside lane. She stopped but not before hitting the side of his car. The state trooper showed up, investigated, took statements, and ticketed the other vehicle for having run a red light. The speed limit on this highway is 45 mph and the yellow light holds for a good 4 seconds. There were no witnesses at the time. Insurance company says it's 50-50 because their client claims he entered the intersection on a yellow (which is legal) and that she did not yield, or wait for the intersection to clear. They will NOT negotiate a settlement beyond 50%. It's been almost 4 months. Damages to our 2004 Honda are around $4,000, which is basically totaled. We are only talking about $2,000 difference and they won't budge. We did not have collision on this vehicle so we are dealing with it instead of our insurance company. Is 50-50 ever a fair assessment?
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