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  1. Thank you for the information provided . My concern is that he will use our agreement in the court , i dont have money money for lawyers then to revoke and go trough the imigration process for keeping my status and getting my child custody rights. Now the baby it's 4 months old , we dont have a house and husband it's 59 years old . He has a criminal record in the past for drugs traffic and went for 10 years in jail. Does all this things count for wining custody ? Thanks
  2. Thank you . But what if i am under conditional green card based on marriage . Will i have the same rights as a mother and the father has better income ?
  3. Hi, My mother has the same situation. Where can the request be done ? And what reasons should be inquiered ? Thanks
  4. Hello, I do have big concerns . My issue is about child custody and imigration law as well. My husband ( us citizen ) file a petition i130 for me to bring me in the States. I am located out of Usa and i give birth to our son this year . ( He become a us citizen after his father ) . My petition was approved and at this point my husband bring up one condition and said he wont bring us in the States if i dont sign the agreement he made it , which says ..in case of a separation our son will stay with the father in the states of Florida and attend school there . My concern is if i will sign something like this and he will divorce me or separate ...which rights i will have, if i can rovoke it .. being a conditional resident how can i keep my right and continue reside in the states and not loosing my son custody . here it's a copy of it : Agreement to educateZ an American citizen in Florida This agreement only goes into effect on the separation of X & YThis agreement is in no way coerced, forced or pressured in anyway. This agreement is on behalf of Z, (Son of X &Y ) his direction in education, where he is to be educated and whom he lives with should a separation occur. Both Parties (Florentina & James Stone) agree that Jack Stone is to reside in Florida and attend school and college programs. It is the understanding the Florida’s prepaid program that one must reside in Florida to comply. X being a Romanian citizen, could easily pick up Z and decide she no longer would live in Florida or the United States. This agreement is to prevent such an instance from happening. If in fact that in the event of this circumstance, then Z remains with father and attends school. The mother is entitled to visitation and shared educational views. Thank you !
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