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  1. From Julian: Thank you all for the help and advice. The title was transferred by a company called California Document Preparers. They notarized a document stating that my mother is transferring the title of the house onto my name solely. I am currently talking with a lawyer to see if the Citibank situation can be resolved. I have read the document in regards to the equity line of credit from Citibank that my mom took out; the document states that this loan needs to be repaid regardless of who is on the house. The letters I have received mentions to prevent foreclosure to contact Citibank which I have been doing, but because I didn't sign for the loan they can't discuss anything with me. I'll update if I get any new updates from Citibank or the lawyer. Skye has no role other than is a friend and is the one who started this thread.
  2. My friend's mom passed away recently and now he is dealing with this issue with Citibank who is really giving him the runaround (and trying to take his house) I asked him to explain the situation so I could post it. This is what he wrote: "My mother passed away recently and the title of the house was transferred solely to under my name. There is an equity line of credit attached to the house. Even though I did not sign for it; it is attached to the house as collateral. After providing Citibank with the death certificate and a copy of a title; they still won’t discuss the loan with me since I didn’t sign for it. They are requesting that I get a testamentary signed through the court to prove I am the title owner of the house. I don't know what to do. This is in San Francisco." Any advice is much appreciated. Hes a really good person and I just want to get through this quickly and without bleeding a lot of cash. Thank you in advance.
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