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  1. Support orders state " father is to continue paying child support as long as he has the obligation under Florida law." Also: Support was paid via IWO through the FSDU from day one! My understanding of the law is 1. Support is to continue past the age of 18 if child is still a Senior in high school, on schedule to graduate as planned, and to continue to graduation unless orders state differently. 2. When support is paid via an IWO there is to be a court order for payments to cease. 3. Should an employer violate this rule and stop payments without court order they will be liable for the amount owed, as well as $250 for each pay period involved, 4. There is no statute of limitations for retro child support collection when support amount has been based on time sharing. Retro amount owed will go back to when parent first stopped exercising court ordered time sharing. Daughter turned 18 on September 20, 2016, graduated on schedule 8 months later, May 24, 2017. Child support is based on time sharing with a significant amount of time calculated for father: every Thursday night and every other Th Fri Sat Sun. My issue at hand is: 1. Support payments abruptly stopped, PRIOR TO HER 18TH BIRTHDAY, still having one more pay period due for payment. 2. Support was stopped WITHOUT A COURT ORDER confirmed by clerk of court when I called to verify this information. 3. Father also stopped court ordered time sharing in 2009/2010 when child was in 8th grade after meeting girlfriend, placing all additional financial responsibilities on myself with constant refusal to help or participate with anything. My questions: 1. Can I file to collect the past due amount owed through her graduation as well as have employer liable? 2. Can I file for retro support dating back to 2009 for the difference in amount he would owe if recalculation had taken place? 3. Does the court lose jurisdiction due to the fact that child is now 19? Thank you
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