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  1. Oh my ****ing god. I’m talking about only staying with him for a few weeks. What I do is none of your business anyways:)
  2. Nah, thanks for your concern though. We’ve known eachother through mutual friends for over half a year. He flew out to WA to stay with me for an entire week at the beginning of this month. He’s met my entire family lmfao.
  3. Say a 17 year old from Washington State runs away to New Hampshire to stay with her 19 year old boyfriend and his parents. The boyfriends parents did not know that the 17 year old was staying there against her parents will. Say her parents then call the police, and the police are sent to his parents house. Would they be charged for harboring a runaway? Or are they only charged if they purposefully hide the 17 year old from the police? If his parents say that they had no idea that the 17 year old did not have her parents permission to stay with them, will the boyfriend and his parents still be in legal trouble? Thanks!
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