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  1. He don't have attorney, can't afford one. I was emotional and shouldn't of reacted. I did not mislead the cops. I told both he lived here and had used it before. Guess I have 2 months to come up with money for attorney. Thanks for input.
  2. I can't afford an attorney. His hearing was just moved from tomorrow till July 18th. That will be 4 months before he gets any hearing. I didnt have problem with him using car but he usually asks but I already had went to bed. Yes he lived at home. Thank you for all your information.
  3. My son took my car and totaled it. When I couldnt find my car when I woke up or him, I was worried and went to see if cops had it, if there was an accident. I expressed he used my car before. When cop came to my home to say it was totaled, I went on emotions. Told cop, diff one, he used before but I didnt say he could that night. Charges were filed unauth use ( criminal charge ) several misdemeanors. He has been in state prison for 2 months, he was arrested and state parole held because he failed to report he stayed at a female house instead mine for a few days. Really. Shouldn't he have had hearing on charges with car within 10 days in Pennsylvania? If so, can I request to throw charges out? His hearing is Wednesday 2 months later. I said I am not going forward with unauth use because he did live with me and used the car, seeing my new car totaled I was angry. He is going to sit regardless due to state parole. Can judge decide against if I say I won't testify?
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