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  1. My mother adopted me. What do you mean, she's not my guardian? I want to be my own guardian. I can get a job, continue school, and find an apartment. Is this enough?
  2. I ran away last night from my private boarding school because of family and safety issues. Me and my adopted guardian (mother) haven't had the best relationship ever since she adopted me. Ever since a prolonging series of incidents with her in last two years, it's been hard to focus on my life such as school and other activities. She's put a restriction on my biological brother, my grandmother, my aunt and uncle which I call them family. The one thing I'm missing is a caring family and I'm not getting that here at the school and with my adopted mom. My adopted mom had said that she's not my mother and that there's no happy ending between us. I'm 16, by the way. That's is just a small portion of the situation but based on that could you answer these legal questions. My questions are: 1) Does having her say that, is she hinting that she doesn't want guardianship over me? 2) To apply for foster care, does my adopted mother have to give over her guardianship to allow me to apply? 3) Would I qualify for emancipation? Thank you.
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