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  1. I am sorry.. I have Bipolar disorder and PTSD and a host of other things and get defensive very quickly .... I know it is a problem I have...... I will try to be more civil... I look at society and the world in general and how screwed up it is and tend to treat all people like they are **** too.... Not to get into my "****" too much, but I spent 12 yrs in prison for a crime the federal govt now says was not a crime. I have been out 10 yrs but the horrors I experienced are fresh in my face every damn day.... I dont know WHY I havent killed myself yet... stubborn I guess... NO ONE will help me... i am left to live on the streets with JUST this animal that aids me in just maintaining sanity. I have done all I can do to change... gotten 9 yrs clean and sober, two Bachelors degrees in Criminal Justice and Sociology....havent actually put my hands on anyone in MANY years....anyway, thats why I am the way I am....I am just sick to death of "society " not following the laws, harassing people like us, being ignorant and hypocritical all the time.. I KNOW I have a good mind, but I cant use it, and that despairs me to no end. so, I will stop here. thanks for everything.
  2. "But merely giving advice, without more, is not coercing, intimidating, threatening, or interfering with anyone in the exercise of their rights under the ADA." I never said the MERELY gave advise. I said they TOLD the businesses that I HAD to have a certification.... " If it required businesses to do something that violated your rights, you may have a good claim for violating ยง 503 of the ADA. " Thank you for acknowledging what I said, finally. "It appears that you may be the sort that simply attacks and insults people when you get an answer to something that you don't like rather than considering the possibility that the other person may be right and that things are not what you thought they were. " No, I am tired of people NOT READING WHAT I SAID and ASSUMING something else, like THEY know what they are talking about... Dont go insulting me now, ESPECIALLY when youre NOT a lawyer!!! Ad hominem attacks are the realm of the troll..... "So if you don't know the law and are asking questions, why do you immediately assume that the answers you get are wrong and even worse, that the people helping you are ignorant?" Because SOME of the things you say I KNOW are not fact... having a B.S. in Criminal Justice helps... what are your credentials, by the way? "f you disagree with something or question something, state that respectfully and the dialog you get from that may help you. But you are just going to continue to attack and be rude then I'll not bother to help you further." Says the guy that just attacked me....when you start talking about ME personally, instead of the CONTENT, YES, you have made an ad hominem attack.... Dude, I dont give TWO F*CKS if you ever reply to me again... F*CK OFF!
  3. Thank you for your CIVIL response, unlike the moron below.... To answer your question.... The business is saying that the health dept is telling them that they can ask if a disabled person with a service animal has a "license or documentation" to PROVE it is a service animal... incidentally, this was just AFTER the new manager told me she had gotten a written complaint but refused to show it to me, AND also refused to give her name when I told her I would be filing a complaint with BOLI. I have called the local health dept twice so far and each time had to leave a voice mail, and have not received a response as of yet. I dont have legal representation because I am homeless due to my disabilities and cannot afford one. I understand very well the abuse that regular pet owners commit, but the Federal law is very clear on the matter. That is something they need to take to their legislature. I want to keep this on topic as much as possible, thank you.Pursuant to the ADA, businesses are only allowed to ask TWO questions: 1) Is that a service animal? and 2) What service is it trained to perform? Incidentally, in Oregon, ESA's have additional protections that do not allow landlords to discriminate against them either. Unfortunately, changing the law will ONLY serve to levy more restrictions and limitations on the disabled... and make it easier for people that really just want something to complain about. The DOJ apparently ranks dogs that are well mannered and obedient as LOW RISKS in businesses., thus the reason they state nothing is required, and it is based on the "honor system".... the fact that business owners dont even ask the established questions is proof they just want to give a hard time... It really has nothing to do with concern over people abusing it... There are already laws in place that make it a criminal offense to fraudulently claim your pet as a service animal.... what else should there be??? Me carrying around my complete medical history, and having a doctor on call 24/7 to explain it to them? Having me have to PURCHASE certification??? More of a burden on me. They just dont care. I have tried REPEATEDLY to get businesses to just LOOK at the ADA online but they refuse, so there is no real interest in determining who is a pet and who is not. Even the public doesnt understand the situation. I had a private citizen call ME an **** because I told the business I was gong to sue them.... ME!! I am an **** because I have a disability and I want the law respected.... Honestly, the only conflict is assholes need to learn the law and stop harassing people, whether they are lying OR NOT... but ESPECIALLY when they are not. Honestly, I feel sometimes like I wasted my time getting a B.S. in Criminal Justice. Again, thank you for your civil reply.
  4. I have Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. My shitzu qualifies as a psychiatric service animal because she performs the action of licking my face until I calm down from a panic attack, thus "performing a specific function (action) related to my disability". I have to file with BOLI literally weekly because businesses dont know the law, and apparently the LOCAL health dept literally everywhere tells businesses that I need my service animal to have a "license, certificate, documentation, etc", upon request, even thought the ADA specifically says if the local health dept says this they are violating the ADA. I know this is NOT in conformity with the law. Since most of these occurrences originate from the health depts instructions, can I sue the County Heath Dept under the ADA? I already have filed complaints with BOLI against 2 businesses and one prospective employer....why should i have to file almost daily/weekly with BOLI and have my life impeded constantly as a disabled person??? Is there no other means by which I can alleviate this problem without succumbing to the whims of the businesses and making my life as a disabled person more difficult??
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