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    IR1 IV

    That has never been the case because, going to stay in a place rather than your country where you had your business and family is something else therefore, one need to be ready before taking such step. such kept me back before now. Not all genuine marriage are tend be genuine especially in a case of mine. If i wanted to have the process administered to before now, i would probably be in the United state by now. haven't said above, moving permanently to another country to stay need to be given a wide though. If there is any one here with meaningful advice for me to prove other wise as it is, I will gladly welcome such advice.
  2. freetamuster

    IR1 IV

    My Wife is a US citizen. She petition for me to come stay with her in the US. I reside in Ghana and she visited me once and we got married after one year of long distance relationship. We got married 2015 and the petition was files 2017 and go approval. The case is currently with national visa and we are awaiting Interview date. My concern now is, since we have only met once and which was when the marriage occur, will it be a problem during my interview for the fact that we only met once since we got married? We talk almost everyday and can prove that with evidence. I will appreciate a kind solution to this issue to avoid been denied during the interview.